The 12 Best No Name Products Our Test Kitchen Swears By

There's more to this brand than stellar packaging.
best cocoa powder for baking: no name cocoa powder

The No Name brand has been delighting thrifty Canadian shoppers with its well-priced grocery products since 1978. Beyond being inexpensive, these products actually work—and usually taste great, too. Here are the No Name brand products the Chatelaine Kitchen team stocks up on.

Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches


No Name Club Pack Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches in a yellow box.

This ultimate summer treat was voted the Chatelaine staff's favourite ice cream sandwich in a blind taste test. (And they're also the most cost efficient in comparison to other brands.)

Cocoa Powder

Best cocoa powder for baking: No Name Cocoa

The Chatelaine Kitchen has deemed No Name cocoa powder the best cocoa powder for baking thanks to its rich, chocolately taste, compared to two other big brands.

Parchment Paper

No Name Parchment Paper

The Chatelaine Kitchen prefers No Name parchment paper for its weight, texture and—most importantly—because it's super easy to tear.

White Vinegar

Jug of No Name Brand White Vinegar

This four-litre jug of white vinegar costs less than $2 at No Frills. It's a featured in many triple-tested recipes (and it also keeps the Chatelaine Kitchen sinks clean!)

Ripple-Cut Chips

No Name Ripple Cut Chips

These chips satisfy even the most serious cravings for salty, greasy goodness. And, they're like two bucks cheaper than Ruffles (and just as good, if not better).

Sultana Raisins (And All Dried Fruit)

Bag of No Name Sultana Raisins

If you can't make it to a bulk food store, No Name offers relatively cheap options for dried fruit and nuts, including big bags of raisins, dried cranberries and of course, prunes (No Name prunes are seriously good).

Dehydrated Minced Onion

No Name dehydrated minced onion

No Name's dehydrated minced onion is the key to Chatelaine's triple-tested (and Trader Joe's dupe) everything bagel seasoning recipe because it doesn't clump.

Shredded Coconut

No Name Shredded Coconut

Choose your own adventure and pick from No Name's sweetened or unsweetened shredded coconut. Both are delicious stirred into plain yogurt and are essential to recipes like coconut macaroons, coconut cream pie and our epic pink coconut snowballs.

Fudge Brownie Mix


In an office boxed brownie taste test, the Chatelaine staffers rated this their runner-up favourite for flavour and texture, only behind one other brand. No Name’s Fudge Brownie has a surprisingly simple ingredients list, and bakes up with a crispy top and a denser interior.

Naturally Imperfect Fresh and Frozen Produce

Naturally Imperfect Frozen Mangos No Name

The fruits and veggies (both fresh and frozen), might not look amazing in this No Name line, but they're perfectly fine to eat (and you're saving food from going to landfill!). If you love frozen fruit, you can fill your freezer with two-kilogram bags for just over $10.

Puréed Pumpkin

Yellow can of No Name brand pureed pumkin

"A small-sized can of pure pumpkin purée is gold," says food content director, Irene Ngo. Many pumpkin recipes don't call for an entire 796-millilitre can (as is standard for name brands) of puréed pumpkin, so you're usually stuck with leftovers that often get thrown out. A smaller can equals less waste.

No Name Fruit Glace

No Name Fruit Glace

If you're making fruitcake or panettonne, use this polarizing-yet-affordable mixture of sweetened dried cherries, pineapple and ginger. Or eat it with a spoon, if that's more your scene.


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