18 Outrageously Awesome Kit Kat Flavours You Probably Haven't Tried

Baked potato, wasabi, pumpkin — this chocolate brand is raising the flavour "bar."
18 Outrageously Awesome Kit Kat Flavours You Probably Haven't Tried

KitKat has just released a pumpkin pie flavoured bar — but the U.S.-only release means Canadians will have to stick to their cookie dough chunkys and KitKat classics for a while longer (sigh). While Kit Kat's Canadian candy-makers have been upping their confectionary game with spin-off flavours of their signature bars like orange, cookie dough and cookies and cream, we're still pretty far behind the curve when it comes to flavour options.

The name Kit Kat sounds like the phrase "kitto katsu to" in Japanese, which roughly translates to "sure to win." As a result, the chocolate bars have become a token of good luck that are given as gifts to friends and family, particularly to students about to write final exams. (According to Nestle, one in three Japanese students buys one before an exam.)

Thanks to the Kit Kat's popularity in Japan, flavours there have become a lot more inventive. Here are just a few of the Kit Kat flavours available in the world that we'd like to break us off a piece of. (Well, maybe not the cough syrup one.)

Choco banana

A little fruit, a little chocolate, sounds like a perfectly well-balanced snack.

Kit Kat flavours: banana Kit Kat bar

Baked Potato

Maybe it’s like a chocolate-covered potato chip?

Kit Kat flavours: baked potato kit kat bar (Photo, Amazon.)

Cookies and Cream


This Canadian exclusive can help to fill the pumpkin-spice void.

Kit Kat flavours: cookies and cream Kit Kat bar Photo, Nestlé.


Cheers to alcohol-infused chocolate bars!

Kit Kat flavours: sake kit kat bar Photo, Nestlé.


This sushi condiment has made the leap to dessert territory.

Kit Kat flavours: wasabi Kit Kat bar Photo, Nestlé.

Red velvet

Your favourite cupcake flavour, now in chocolate-bar form.

Kit Kat flavours: red velvet Kit Kat bar Photo, Nestlé.

Hokkaido Melon

A mixture of sweet melon and mascarpone cheese sandwiched between thin wafers. Mind blown.

Kit Kat flavours: melon Kit Kat bar Photo, Nestlé.



Get the clarity and focus of this favourite morning drink all wrapped up in one bite.

Kit Kat flavours: matcha Kit Kat bar Photo, Nestlé.

Pumpkin pie

Just in time for Fall, get your pumpkin fix encased in a crunchy biscuit and pumpkin creme-filled delight. 

Kit Kat flavours: pumpkin pie Kit Kat bar Photo, Kroger.


Perfect to have on hand for when your cheesecake cravings strike.

Kit Kat flavours: cheesecake Kit Kat Photo, Nestlé.

Fruit parfait

This flavour could technically be considered breakfast, don't you think?

Kit Kat Fruit Parfait - Flickr - kaex0r Photo, kaex0r / Flickr.

Adzuki Bean

Adzuki bean jelly, a traditional Japanese dessert, gets the chocolate treatment.

Kit Kat flavours: adzuki bean Kit Kat bar Photo, Nestlé.



A breakfast favourite created as Easter special edition, we're dying to try these mini bars.

pancake flavoured kit kat - amazon Photo, Amazon.

Purple Taro

Still trying to figure out how they got sweet potato in there? Us too.

Kit Kat flavours: purple sweet potato Kit Kat bar Photo, Nestlé.

Cough Syrup


A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.

Kit Kat flavours: cough syrup kit kat bar Photo, Nestlé.

Cranberry Almond

Feeling fancy? Treat yourself to a Kit Kat studded with almonds and dried cranberries.

Kit Kat flavours: cranberry almond Kit Kat Photo, Nestlé.

Chunky Cookie Dough

The flavour making all our American neighbours jealous.

Kit Kat flavours: chunky cookie dough Kit Kat Photo, Nestlé.

Roasted Tea

Tea-infused chocolate coats crispy wafers for a tea-time with zero brewing required.

Kit Kat flavours: roasted tea Kit Kat bar Photo, Nestlé.


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