10 foods you’re going to see everywhere in 2017

From poke to (super easy!) naan pizza, the foods that will change the way you eat this year.
Food Trends 2017: Global breakfast Turkish pides: Breakfast, lunch or dinner — it's all about the filling. (Photo, Chatelaine Kitchen.)

It’s the New Year, and that means it’s time for new trends to descend on restaurants, grocery aisles and Instagram feeds. Gone (we hope) are the days of rainbow foods, avocado mania, and OTT ice cream (until summer, anyway). It’s time for a host of new ideas to fight their way to the top of this year’s "best of" lists.

Here are ten foods that we’ll see a lot more of in 2017:

1. Turmeric. Touted for its health benefits, this  golden yellow super spice has been popping up in everything from smoothies and lattes to infused gins. Matcha might just get knocked off its pedestal as the go-to ingredient.

2. Poke. This Hawaiian-inspired simple chopped salad bowl of raw fish, rice, spring onions, seaweed, soy and sesame inspired a slew of dedicated restaurant openings in Toronto alone in 2016. Healthy toppings — think ginger, cilantro, and avocado — add to poke's appeal and ensure it's poised to hit even bigger. Try it at home with this salmon poke recipe.

3. Octopus. This invertebrate was one of Pinterest’s top predictions for 2017. Home cooks, don't be intimidated — with its meaty texture and versatility, octopus is surprisingly delicious and easy to cook.

Food Trends 2017: Grilled octopus Alexandra_Borodina / Instagram.

4. Buddha bowls. The new smoothie bowl. This filling dish, made up of healthy grains like quinoa or brown rice, raw and roasted vegetables, beans, and protein extras like nuts and seeds, is packed full of  nutritious ingredients — and perfect for post-holiday health resolutions.

5. Charcoal. Believed to be a detox agent and an aid in lowering cholesterol, this refined powder (made from organic materials such as coconut shells) is showing up in everything from cocktails to pizza dough.

Food Trends 2017: Charcoal Charcoal-crust pizza. (dineandfash / Instagram)

6. Naan pizza. This shortcut will revolutionize pizza night. Just pair grocery-bought naan with your favourite toppings, and set it under the broiler to finish.


7. Garnishes that eat like a meal. OTT ice cream may be on its way out, but the growing trend for extreme toppings is just getting started. Watch out for items like pizza-topped caesar cocktails and doughnut-crowned milkshakes.

8. Cauliflower (yes, still). Not just regular cauliflower, though. Big outfits like Green Giant are now packaging up ready-made cauliflower rice, and Asian-inspired recipes are keeping the ever-popular veggie in the game.

9. Seaweed and blue algae. Seaweed saw a huge boost in popularity last year — and it has only fed the interest in the green stuff (and blue stuff, it seems) for 2017. Nori, sheets of dried seaweed — which can be eaten as-is, or reconstituted for homemade seaweed salad — is widely available, and blue algae has made headlines with its allegedly immune-boosting and antioxidant powers. Prepare to see it popping up in wellness-themed lattes everywhere.

10. Global breakfasts. Authentic international cuisine is changing up breakfast routines: Try hashes with spicy sauces (like harissa), bowls of cozy congee, or Middle Eastern pides — thin crispy dough filled with savoury mixes of herbs, greens, cheeses, meats and eggs (all, of course, are also great for dinner).


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