Move Over Cadbury, We Have A New Favourite Mini Egg

While there's truly no such thing as a bad mini egg, some definitely taste better—much, much better—than others.
Move Over Cadbury, We Have A New Favourite Mini Egg

It’s officially Mini Egg Season. While Cadbury's iconic candy-coated chocolate eggs are available year-round, now is the best time to find mini egg-filled treats at local bakeries and cafes (and to feel 100 percent justified baking with them at home).

But Cadbury isn’t the only player in the candy-coated, miniature chocolate egg game. Since we last blind taste-tasted three popular brands of miniature chocolate eggs in 2018, at least four more brands have come out with their own version of this wildly popular Easter treat. And while Cadbury Mini Eggs reigned supreme in the 2018 testing, this year we have a new favourite—and a rather surprising second-place winner.

We also learned something: Out of convenience, we ordered several varieties of miniature eggs from Amazon. And while we love Amazon and shop there often, the bags of eggs we ordered from this retailer had a far higher percentage of cracked and broken eggs than the ones we picked up in-store. This may have been a one-off experience—and if you're using the eggs for baking, it really doesn't matter—but if you’re looking for pristine miniature eggs for your Easter baskets, it’s something to consider. 

The Best Mini Eggs For Easter 2024

A bag of PC Milk Chocolate Eggs, used in a mini egg ranking post.

This brand took last place in 2018, and again in 2024. Several testers noted "weird," "artificial" and "odd" flavours. Others commented that the chocolate wasn’t creamy enough and the candy coating tasted chalky.

A bag of Frank mini eggs, used in a mini egg ranking post


To be frank, these Canadian Tire house brand mini eggs did not rank highly among testers. They were slightly smaller than the gold-standard Cadbury minis, though more vibrant in colour. The candy coating seemed crunchier, which overshadowed the (albeit) mediocre chocolate flavour.

A bag of Laura Secord Milk Chocolate Candy Mini Eggs, used in a mini egg ranking post.

We wished we had liked this Canadian brand's mini egg offering more than we did. One commenter noted the chocolate looked bloomed, and several found the candy coating too thick. Also, the eggs themselves were weirdly pointy and the most irregularly shaped of all the brands we tested.


Lindt Mini Eggs, $5 for 125 g

A bag of Lindt Mini Eggs, used in a mini egg ranking post.

These Lindt eggs really got people talking. They are easily double the size of the industry-standard mini egg, with at least seven commenters leaving various iterations of "Why are these eggs so big?" on our rating sheet. Several others had qualms with the candy coating—some found it too thick or too crunchy. All of this said, one reviewer called this option his favourite as "the chocolate-to-candy ratio is the best."

Cadbury Mini Eggs, $19 for 943 g


A bag of Cadbury mini eggs, used in a mini egg ranking.

Okay, here’s where things really start to get wild! Cadbury has been making mini eggs since 1967, and remain the most popular brand in this category. So much so, that when we set up our blind taste test, we were still convinced it would take the top spot, as it did in 2018. That was not the case! While commenters loved the pale pastel hues of these eggs—"the nicest colours of all the eggs"—several found the chocolate to be sour-tasting and too sweet. Only one commenter noted this was their fave.

A bag of Great Value Mini Eggs, used in a mini egg ranking.

Other house brands take note: This Walmart label makes a surprisingly egg-cellent mini. Tasters really enjoyed the chocolate—describing it as "the best of the lot" and "creamy and smooth," with one tester later suggesting that it was likely because this product is made in England. However, these eggs did fall down a little in terms of the candy coating, which some described as "overly sweet."

Hershey's Eggies, $16 for 900 g

A bag of Eggies used in a post on mini egg rankings


All hail the Hershey Eggie! These eggs—our 2018 runner-up—were the hands-down winner in this year's taste test, with multiple testers being adamant they must be Cadbury Mini Eggs. "Tastes like the ideal Cadbury mini egg," wrote one, while another said that, "I think these are the Cadbury eggs, which slap." Both the creamy chocolatey taste and the shell-to-chocolate ratio earned raves. We remain shocked by this outcome, but the people have spoken.

How we select our products. We’re committed to finding the best and most accessible pantry ingredients, and that means being able to test and judge them fairly: in the same place, at the same time, under the same conditions. This means not every single brand available on the national market is going to make it to our Toronto-based kitchen. Some items are only regionally available in a specific province, while others are priced well out of the average grocery budget. Here’s what we guarantee: at least half of our picks will always be available nationally, we will always include selections from major grocery store chains. And if there’s a pick you really think we missed, we’d love to hear about it:


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