23 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Everyone In Your Life

Including yourself.
23 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Everyone In Your Life

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Valentine's Day may not be everyone's cup of tea, but what's not to like about a day that's all about love? Whether you want to celebrate your partner, your friends, your family or the most enduring relationship you'll ever have (yourself!), we've found cute gifts at every price point.

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Everlasting Candle Co.

Just like your love, these reusable steel candles made in Fraser Valley, B.C. will last forever.

Candle set, $75,

Everlasting Candle Co. pink vase filled with three black steel oil candles.


Blooms that last? You got it. Grown-ups and kids alike will love building this colourful bouquet.

Flower bouquet, $80,

Lego flower bouquet in orange, pink and purple colours.

Jenny Bird

Also available in gold, these dainty studs send a sweet message.

Studs, $45,

Jenny Bird XO puffy silver studs.


Available in scented and fragrance-free options, this candle creates massage oil as it melts.

Massage candle, $40,

Maude fragrance-free massage oil candle in brown glass jar.


A stellar blend of ultra-hydrating butters (mango! cocoa! cupuaçu! shea!) make this rich, made-in-Canada balm a winter must-have.

Hand and body balm, $32,

Amalusta hand and body balm in purple package.

Baa Baazaar

Filled with balsam fir, these cuddly cats are a breath of fresh air.

Calico cat balsam pillow, $40 each,

Four cat-shaped pillows filled with balsam from Baa Baazaar.


Whether at home or at the office, a cute desk organizer is a surefire way to boost productivity. 

Desk organizer set, $90,

Areaware three pastels desk organizers in yellow, purple and orange.

Hype Chocolate

Calling all sneakerheads! This Vancouver-based, Indigenous-owned chocolate brand crafts decadent treats, including their famous Nike Jordan 1-shaped solid chocolate creations.

Ruby chocolate sneakers, $15,

Hype Chocolate pink sneaker-shaped chocolate.

Atelier Chalet

Wrapped in chic leather and adorned with golfing essentials, this 8 oz flask will become a staple in their bag.

Golf flask, $55,

Atelier Chalet leather flask with golf tees and pen.


Elevate barbecue season with a meat thermometer that does all the hard work—this one sends an alert to their smartphone when the meat is at its optimal temperature.

Smart meat thermometer, $150,

Meater smart meat thermometer shown with wooden bod and phone app.


Each one of these mixed-yarn, made-in-Canada socks has a completely unique colour pattern. 

Mixed yarn socks, $24,

A pair of pink wool socks from OkayOk showing different pink hues.


A heady mix of musk, wood and floral notes, this comforting fragrance feels like putting on a loved one’s hoodie on a cold night.

Missing Person, $125 for 50 mL,

Phlur orange bottle of Missing Person perfume with white cap.


Perfectly sized to carry a phone and a few cards, this Montreal-made leather bag is a minimalist’s dream.

Leather handbag, $320,

Partoem orange leather handbag with silver D-ring and chain hardware.

Paper Shoot

This genius camera combines the retro feel and minimal settings of an old-school disposable with the convenience of a digital model for truly authentic snapshots you’ll be able to share on Instagram.

Paper digital camera, $185,

Paper Shoot paper digital camera with retro look.

Mimi & August

Light their fire with a cute ceramic match holder that features a striker on the bottom. 

Ceramic match pot, $13,

Mimi & August ceramic ribbed match holder in a neutral tone and brown speckles.


This 40 oz tumbler comes in an array of pastel hues. 

Tumbler, $52,

A pink 40 oz Stanely tumbler.

7 Deadly Soaps

These delightful soaps are handmade in Montreal and feature scents like pineapple, ginger and cinnamon bark.

Celebration soap set, $30,

7 Deadly Soaps stacks of pink and black soap on white background.


There’s nothing like wrapping yourself in a soft, gauzy robe to set the mood for a relaxing time.

Cotton robe, $149,

Parachute pink cotton gauze robe.

Beautiful by Drew Barrymore

This sleek cornflower blue stand mixer boasts three attachments, a display-worthy design and a relatively affordable price tag.

Stand mixer, $169,

Beautiful by Drew Barrymore cornflower blue stand mixer with silver stainless steel bowl.


Never underestimate the power of a great pen.

Retractable gel pens, $16 for 6,

Set of six pink gel pens from Poppin.

Smile Makers

This palm-sized vibe features a rounded tip and a flame-shaped body. 

Vibrator, $75,

Smile Makers pink flame-shaped vibrator made from silicone.


Surprise your work spouse with a stack of cute sticky notes.

Heart-shaped sticky notes, $15,

Osopola colourful stacks of heart-shaped sticky notes.


What’s better than a bouquet of roses? A bag of rose-shaped gummies, of course! These vegan candies feature raspberry, strawberry, cherry and black currant flavours. 

Vegan rose-shaped gummies, $7,

A bag of red, rose-shaped Squish vegan gummies.


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