The Top 5 Drugstore Beauty Bargains Under $5

These under-$5 drugstore beauty picks deliver on quality, price and were selected by a group of beauty experts including a few makeup artists.
The Top 5 Drugstore Beauty Bargains Under $5

Finding a great drugstore beauty buy is awesome (of course) but even better than that? One that's under $5.


Eyebrow Designer in Blonde, $2.50,

“This is a great universal shade; it even works for dark-haired gals who want a full brow effect while avoiding the overly dark and angry look.” —Susana Hong, makeup and hair artist

Best Drugstore Beauty Under $5 - Essence Eyebrow Designer in Blonde

Joe Fresh

Gel Nail Polish, $5,

“I’ve tried a ton of polishes, but I keep going back to Joe Fresh. They’re dirt cheap and easy to apply thanks to the wide brush.” —Jennifer Bartoli, co-founder, Sprig Creative

Best Drugstore Beauty Under $5 - Joe Fresh Gel Nail Polish


Beauty Bar, $4,

“Body wash is great, but there’s nothing like the clean you get with
a good old bar of soap. For both nostalgic and practical reasons, I love this classic moisturizing bar.” —Tania Kwong, beauty writer, and director of marketing and communications, Rethink Breast Cancer

Best Drugstore Beauty Under $5 - Dove Beauty Bar


Lash Princess Mascara, $5,

“This mascara’s price point is unbelievable. It gives lashes dramatic volume and length, and is also smudge- proof, flake-proof and long wearing.” —Caroline Levin, makeup artist and hairstylist

Best Drugstore Beauty Under $5 - Essence Lash Princess Mascara

Bath Retreat

Ex Gloves in Pink, $4,

“Jump in the shower, slip these puppies on and grab a bar of soap—full body exfoliation has never been easier.” —Alexandra Ward, editor

Best Drugstore Beauty Under $5 – Bath Retreat


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