The New Summer Dresses: Tie-Dyed and Watercolours

dynamite dress
You may be thinking – oh no, not tie dye. I just got rid of all my ratty tie-dye from the ’80s! Don’t distress. This tie-dye, while still retro-inspired is not the kind you pair with acid-washed jeans (although unfortunately those are also back in style). The latest tie-dye is an evolution of its former tacky self and has been seen on the runways at shows like Proenza Schouler and Blumarine. (Man, I heart those clothes but can’t fathom dropping a grand on a top.) The new tie-dye is a mixture of watercolour washes and your typical prints. 

So here’s your alternative. Seek out fun, tie-dye style and watercolour prints this summer. It’s still fun and colourful without being in-your-face bright. Try this Splash Summer Dress from Dynamite in stores soon for only $40. Also, google away on how to make your own tie-dye. There’s so many fun options!

– Kate Daley

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