Minx Nails

minx richard sorger 1 minx of vitaljuice minx by trish lomax
Want a mani like Rihanna, Beyonce and Katy Perry? Then try the hottest trend in nails called Minx. These vinyl nail covers (applied at professional nail salons only) come in everything from leopard print to florals to and easily seal over top of your nails without causing any damage. They also have solid colours like gold and silver which are seriously hard to do with a liquid nail polish. They’re a fantastic alternative to damaging gel nails. 

Plus, they won’t chip for at least a week. I tried out a pair myself and I was really impressed. I opted for a funky geometric pattern and have never gotten so many compliments or questions about my mani. You can also try them on your toes (which would be great for summer but kind of freaks me out!).

Laura Merzetti of Scratch My Back Nail Studio in Pickering showed me how the process works. First you file and clean up your nails. Then she cut the Minx appliques to fit my fingers. Finally she placed them on and sealed them to my nails with a little heat lamp. It took seconds – not hours for the manicure to set. I don’t usually have two hours to spend at a nail salon waiting for them to dry so this solution is perfect ‘ and unique. 

They’re fun and pretty fantastic. Remove them with a blowdryer when you’re ready and they simply peel off. Find a salon near you. The prices range from $50 – $70. Photographs courtesy of: Trish Lomax, Vitaljuice, and Richard Sorger.

– Kate Daley

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