Manscaping goes to a whole new level


Ever wanted your hubby to clean up for a fancy night out? Fix his scraggly hair? Shave that itchy five o’clock shadow? Well now your guy has less of an excuse to look unkempt with the a new kind of barbershop called Mankind Grooming Studio for Men.

With its grand opening on November 9th, this funky man salon offers old-school straight-razor shaves and other such manscaping in a guy-friendly environment. You won’t find girly magazines (hey!) or any florals here. This barbershop is all man. (See photo.)

Located on Richmond Street West just before Brant Street, this 1,800 sq. ft. foot studio has six grooming stations, including two designed with antique Takara Belmont chairs. And hear this naysaying non-groomers – each station has its own 22” LCD TV, and they have a PlayStation area. Seriously? Like you can’t last a few hours away from it? “It’s no secret that guys are taking better care of themselves,” says Jason Culala, co-owner/ founder. “They’re buying skin-care products; they’re willing to pay for a quality haircut. But most are still intimidated by the idea of walking into a spa.” “We like to say that Mankind is the evolution of the barbershop,” says co-owner/founder Noel Naguiat. You’re tellin’ me. So what services can you get? Try the Alpha Male for a haircut, scalp massage, hand massage and hot towel treatments. Or you can get a hot lather shave treatment that my male friends seem to love so much… Not too shabby for the newest evolution in manscaping. Harass away ladies, they’ve seriously run out of excuses. – Kate Daley

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