Hair colour confidential: How to be your best blond

Whether it's at the salon or DIY, there’s nothing like fresh hair colour to amp up your look. Our experts share their tricks for making the most of your hue.
By Carli Whitwell
Hair colour confidential: How to be your best blond

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The Trend

Platinum blonds will always have a starring role in Hollywood, but this fall, sun-kissed golden gals are getting top billing. “It’s about replenishing pigment because, with things like sun exposure, washing and heat styling, hair is depleted,” says celebrity colourist Lorri Goddard, whose clients include beautiful blonds Jennifer Lawrence and Reese Witherspoon.

Hair colour confidential: How to be your best blondPhoto, Steve Granitz/Getty Images

Get the Look

Ask for lowlights (the contrast will brighten existing blond strands) and fine highlights in warm hues, such as soft honey or caramel. “A warmer blond is a more natural hue on everyone,” says Eric Del Monaco, official hair artist and colourist for L’Oréal Paris in Canada. To create highlights, most colourists work with foils, using the stem of a comb to weave out pieces, then applying lightening formula and wrapping in foil to process. But balayage, in which the colourist paints strands freehand, is growing in popularity.

Hair colour confidential: How to be your best blondGregg DeGuire/WireImage


The Maintenance

Post-salon colour loss is inevitable. “Within two weeks, that artificial molecule starts to fall away from the cuticle,” says Luis Pacheco, Clairol consulting colourist and founder of Hair on the Avenue in Toronto. To keep your blond bright and avoid brassiness, use a shampoo and conditioner for colour-treated hair.

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Hair colour confidential: How to be your best blond


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