Style Desk: The best of the bronzers

Style editors, Deborah Fulsang and Tiyana Grulovic share their favourite bronzers for the whole body
By By: Deborah Fulsang and Tiyana Grulovic; Editor photo by: Mirza Noormohamed
Style Desk: The best of the bronzers

Deborah and Tiyana here.

We love how a bronzed glow makes everyone look more rested, happier and younger. But of course we would be bad beauty editors if we told you to go bake in the sun. Instead, we'll take this chance to share our top 10 fake-it products that will let you channel your inner Brazilian beach babe while remaining smart and sun-protected. So, go ahead, glow. Here are our favourites:

1. Sephora Colourful palette in Kiss from...
This eyeshadow palette gives a full range of gilded shades from deep and dark to only slightly metallic so you have both daytime and night-time makeup options. The darker shades can also be used as liners to intensify looks. Price: $29

2. L'Oreal Nail Polish in Goldy Locks
We love how bronze becomes a sexy understated pedicure alternative to our favourite reds, corals and navy blues. Price: $6

3. Red Earth Bronzing Potion
This is a terrifically blendable bronzed fluid that gives your cheeks and eyelids a pearly glow, not to mention bare shoulders or sleek legs. Price: $28

4. Clarins Summer Fever Sun Palette
Find the fattest powder brush possible and swirl it around in this bronzed powder, which by the way, comes beautifully embossed with a sunflower. Then dust it across your cheekbones, nose shoulders and anywhere else the sun naturally hits. You'll instantly look like you were soaking up the rays all weekend. Price: $40

5. Revlon SPF 15 Lipgloss in Toast to Shine
Wear this super sheer and shimmery gloss on bare lips for a sexy nude look or layer it over your everyday lipstick for added dimension and glamour. Price: $10

6. Nars Body Glow
This glossy, bronzy lotion gives legs, arms and shoulders a great sheen and subtle colour. Plus the monoi and coconut scent smells so deliciously like summer. Price: $80, 120ml

7. Maybelline Dream Mousse bronzer
This superlight blush is actually a wonderful multi-tasker. We've used it to get a little glow on the apples of our cheeks but also to colour our lips. And because the Glistening Sun shade isn't too red, it works on our eyelids too. It's subtle and sheer and feels great on. Price: $9

8. Guerlain Terracotta Africa Rhythm Pearly Sun Powder
This brand is famous for its bronzing Terracotta collection ­ it was one of the first brands to market the bronzed look. The latest addition to the line is a luminescent powder packed in stunning wood-patterned and animal-print compacts. The makeup itself is ultra shimmery, so use sparingly. If you're going for more drama, the formulation is super light weight, so gradually add until you achieve the drama you're after. Price: $60

9. Chanel Ombre D'eau eyeshadow in No. 60
This liquid shadow comes in the prettiest, glitziest nude, almost-brown shade we have ever seen. So subtle and feels cool going on. Price: $37

10. Cargo Melt-Proof Bronzer
We're huge fans of Cargo¹s matte bronzer because it allows even skin that gets oily in the summer to go bronze without the extra oil shimmer and shine. And it won't sweat off. Price: Part of the Melt-Proof collection, which includes Melt-Proof Mascara, Melt-Proof 3-in-1 palette and Melt-Proof bronzer. All three items come together for $39.

Need some help applying bronzer correctly? Check out this step-by-step guide.


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