Simple, sexy hair in a snap!

The one secret to getting it right: Work with what you've got. Whether you're graced with corkscrew curls or fine, pin-straight locks, a healthy-looking, salon-worthy do is just four simple steps away
By Laura Harkness
Simple, sexy hair in a snap! Dan Lim
Simple, sexy hair in a snap! Dan Lim
Simple, sexy hair in a snap! Dan Lim
Simple, sexy hair in a snap! Dan Lim
Simple, sexy hair in a snap! Dan Lim

Wavy hair

1. Prep your tresses: Seek out volumizing or thickening shampoos and conditioners. They’ll give your finished style healthy bounce and fullness.

2. Flip your lid: For instant amplifying results, blow-dry your hair upside down. Aim heat at
the roots for optimum lift.

3. Roll it up: Using large Velcro rollers, roll hair up in one-to-two-inch sections and then mist with hairspray. After 15 minutes, remove rollers, hang your head upside down, apply a small amount of thickening balm from roots to tips, and shake out hair. Flip back and smooth tresses by separating with your fingers.

4. Tease it: Backcombing the crown area adds va-va-voom fullness, says Marilisa Sears, creative director for Marc Anthony Salons. Once you’ve teased, let your hair drop, and smooth fly-aways with your hands. Mist with a light-hold hairspray. Avoid over-brushing, which will flatten your big, beautiful do.

Best products for you:
Toni & Guy Volume Shampoo and Conditioner, $10 (250 mL) each.
Marc Anthony Instantly Thick Hair Cream, $10 (177 mL).

Straight hair

1. Separate it: With freshly washed and dried hair, separate the top half from the lower: Grab the portion between your temples and crown, and fasten out of the way with a clip. The remaining strands can be pulled back into a ponytail with an elastic that matches your hair colour.

2. Make it neat: Borrow a small section of hair from your pony and wrap it around the elastic to hide it. Tuck the end under the elastic or fasten with a bobby pin.

3. Try backcombing: Unfasten your separated hair section and backcomb it gently from behind until you have achieved your desired fullness on top.

4. Keep it tucked: Next, add the ends of the top section to your pony. If you have thin hair, wrap the remaining hair around your covered elastic. If you have thick locks, add the section into your ponytail with another elastic, leaving a bit out to cover that band. Tuck or pin as before. Set your look with strong-hold hairspray.

Best products for you:
Alberto VO5 Deep Nourishing Moisture Intense Mask, $7 (226 mL).
Iso Daily Finish Spray, $15 (400 mL).

Short, fine hair

1. Wash and dry: Whether you’re working with a posh pixie, a beautiful bob or a sexy shag, start
with a clean, conditioned head of hair since fine hair is easily weighed down by product buildup.

2. Boost the roots: Turn your head upside down to blow-dry your roots, then flip hair back.

3. Keep your set soft: Place rollers throughout your crown and leave for 15 minutes. You don’t want shorter hair to look overly set, says Sears, so downplay volume in your bangs and at the front.

4. Be a piece maker: Gently remove rollers and backcomb hair for drama. Finish by applying a styling balm right through to the ends to create texture and avoid the helmet-head look.

Best products for you:
Pantene Pro-V Sheer Volume Shampoo and Conditioner, $6 (375 mL) each.
Marc Anthony Pro Texture Piece Maker, $10 (90 mL).

Shoulder-length locks

1. Start with a clean slate: To achieve a red-carpet-worthy look at home, start with clean, dry hair.

2. Set it up: Wrap your strands around Velcro rollers; the larger the roller, the looser the curl. Roll hair under toward the crown and spray each section with a medium-hold hairspray. The thicker your hair, the longer you should leave the rollers in (from 15 to 25 minutes).

3. Do a Farrah flip: Remove rollers gently and tip your head over to loosen the setting, then flip back. Use your fingers to separate hair into two parts, half above your ears and half below.
Take the top half and pin it out of the way, then twist the bottom half into a bun and secure it with a hair elastic.

4. Make it high and mighty: Take down the top section of your hair and backcomb it at the crown. Combine it with the rest of your locks by wrapping it around the bun with your fingers. Mist with a finishing spray, holding hair in place to set it.

Best products for you:
Evolve Shape-Protective Shaping Spray, $15 (357 mL).
Pantene Pro-V Ice Shine Hair Spray, $6 (327 mL).

Curly hair

1. Twist it: Those of you with natural curls: Channel your inner Julia Roberts. Start by finger-twisting large sections of towel-dried hair into ringlets.

2. Define your curls: For extra body on top, twirl sections while holding hair straight up from the crown. Apply a curl booster to each section as you go and let your hair dry naturally, or blow-dry using a diffuser.

3. Add moisture: Once your hair is dry, use a hydrating serum and then carefully separate each
section into smaller pieces for a looser curl.

4. Curl a couple: Use a thin-barrelled curling iron to create a a few corkscrews throughout to give
a refined look to curls. A dollop or two of an anti-frizz serum will help retain that definition.

Best products for you:
TreSemmé Curl Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner, $7 (900 mL) each.
Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Curl Defining Crème, $43 (250 mL).


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