Five Outfits To Inspire Your Spring 2021 Capsule Wardrobe

These new basics are all you need to hit refresh on your wardrobe.
By Chatelaine
Five Outfits To Inspire Your Spring 2021 Capsule Wardrobe

Photo, Carmen Cheung. Makeup and hair, Wendy Rorong for Plutino Group. Art direction, Sun Ngo. Fashion styling, Shea Hurley. Model, Shani Feldman. Text, Leah Rumack. Branded content editor, Meaghan Yuen.

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Work It

Why is my bicycle in the air? We don’t know either!

Sports bra and trainers,; Zella leggings,

Model in workout gear with legs in the air

Who’s Zooming You

The jumpsuit is the new power suit (but don’t forget your slippers).

Field suit,; slippers,; jewellery,

Model wearing jumpsuit and fuzzy slippers, holding laptop


Ruff Terrain

The cat kept making fun of your sweatpants, so you got a dog instead!

T-shirt,; blazer,; Modern America jeans and sunglasses,; boots,

Model wearing denim blazer, jeans and rain boots, holding a dog leash

Aisle Style

The produce aisle is your runway, the meat section your stage.

Twik fuzzy shirt,; Chelsea28 skirt, Veja trainers and Kurt Geiger bag,; bucket hat,; mask,

Model kicking, wearing silk shirt and mock-neck shirt

Luxe Lounge

Impress your TV friends with your new upscale couch look.

Smythe blouse and trousers,; slides,

Model sitting on couch in silk pyjama set