Ask Lisa + Liz: How should I style my eyebrows?

Ask Lisa + Liz: How should I style my eyebrows?

Ask Lisa + Liz

Q: Thicker eyebrows are back in fashion, but they seem so big to me. Any advice?

First published in's December 2002 issue.
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Eyebrows help define your entire face shape, not just your eyes. Fuller brows tend to look more youthful than severe-looking thin arches. But if you've got a petite or heart-shaped face, this style might be overwhelming.

Thicker shapes work best on faces with a generous forehead and well-proportioned eyes. If your forehead is short or your hairline dips down, full brows will leave too much hair above your eyes. You may end up looking angry or masculine. These thicker brows could also make close-set eyes look pinched while overwhelming deep-set eyes.

The best way to determine the perfect brow shape for your face is to get them tweezed by a professional. Then you can follow up the shape at home.  --Lisa Tant

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