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My legs are so pale, but every time I use a self-tanner, it’s a streaky disaster. How can I get a smoother finish?

By Lisa Tant
First published in’s June 2003 issue.
© Rogers Publishing Ltd.

Skin needs to be smooth to get a sleek, natural-looking tan. So, make sure to shave your legs first. The razor helps exfoliate by getting rid of dry patches and dead skin cells. If you need some extra help, try a body scrub. The smoother your skin’s surface, the more even the colour.

Next step: rub on a thin layer of the lotion, making sure to cover every bit of skin. Go lighter on your knees as their lined skin quickly absorbs lotion. They may turn darker if you’re not careful. I’d suggest using a tinted self-tanner–most cosmetic companies make one. You can see exactly where you’ve applied the lotion and fix any patches before it dries.

And last but not least, wash your hands following the application–otherwise they’ll end up streaky. –Lisa Tant

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