Test of Time: 3 Chatelaine Readers Try a Routine for Menopausal Skin

With all the hormonal changes you face as you age, you need a skincare regimen that gets what you’re going through. These Chatelaine readers put the ‘pause’ on menopausal skin with Vichy’s pioneering skincare range, designed just for women like us.

Vichy Neovadiol Compensating Complex Day Cream, $54.95,
Vichy Phytosculpt Firming Care for the Neck and Face Contours, $59.95,

Skin dryness, sagging and an ever-so-noticeable dullness are all completely normal signs that your body is going through “the change.” So why isn’t anybody talking about it? If you’re wondering why your skin suddenly doesn’t reflect your inner glow, it all goes back to your hormones. But there’s good news: Vichy has put 15 years of research and 13 patents behind its Neovadiol Compensating Complex Day Cream, a radiance and firmness-boosting moisturizer that aims to restore youthful hormones at the surface. But let’s be honest, the signs of menopause don’t stop at our chin. That’s why Vichy is introducing Phytosculpt Firming Care for the Neck and Face Contours, a melting, balm-to-cream formula to help coax a sleek silhouette.

So, how do these two products measure up to the Chatelaine test? Our readers had this to say…

Robyn Segal, 47
Skin Situation: dry with wrinkles and less firmness

“I’ve tried retinols and peels, but I find them too harsh and I seem to get redness and some acne. These are very gentle and do exactly what I need for my skin at this age. I used the lighter Compensating Complex in the morning and the heavier Phytosculpt at night, so as a combination they were a great fit. After using them for ten days, I do think there’s a change in my neck and jawline, as well as a slight change in forehead wrinkles, perhaps because my skin feels very hydrated. I didn’t know there was something for neck and jawline firmness – amazing! I will absolutely continue to use them to combat the beginning stages of sagging skin.”

Sue Marteleira, 57
Skin Situation: extremely dry and very sensitive, with flaking and red patches

“The luxurious, lightweight moisturising [day] cream glides on smoothly, leaving it dewy without any greasy feel. Within a couple of hours, I noticed fine lines around my mouth and forehead diminished. With daily use, I was left with firmer, more youthful and radiant skin, with forehead wrinkles less visible.

Carolyn Chua, 61
Skin Situation: dry and sensitive, with minor rosacea

“My skin feels chapped and dry by midday, but using these two products has reduced the dehydration. With the Compensating Complex day cream, a little goes a long way, so only a few dabs in crucial areas were needed, and I love that it didn’t leave a shine on my face. Although the Phytosculpt felt thick at first, it was easy to apply, and absorption was almost instantaneous. (Maybe it’s my thirsty skin!) I usually don’t skimp on buying expensive skin products in order to preserve my skin’s elasticity, but after trying these [affordable] products, I plan to keep using them. Most of my skin issues have been resolved in Just. Ten. Days.”

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