You need to try these eight innovative flavours from Farm Boy

Make grocery shopping a joy. At Farm Boy, the aisles are stocked with hits that don’t quit so you can invite fun and exciting new flavours into your home week after week

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A big draw to grocery shopping is discovering new things and plotting tasty meals. Known for their fun and innovative Farm Boy branded products, the Ontario store makes it easy to test drive exciting new flavours and products. The grocery store has a lineup of fan favourites (have you seen the TikTok hauls?) and a steady stream of new snacks and meal ideas to add to your cart. To get you started, here are some products to try based on foods that you already enjoy. 

If you love homemade soup, try Farm Boy Homestyle Soup 

TikTok taught us that gorgeous, gorgeous people love soup. If that’s you, dip your spoon into a warm, comforting bowl of nourishing broth. Made fresh daily, the two-serving tubs are available in over 20 flavours from Hearty Minestrone to Tom Yum to the MPP (Most Popular Player), Butternut Squash. You won’t want for options, but you may want bread. The Farm Boy bakery section has plenty of freshly made loaves that are perfect for plunging. 


If you love artisanal burgers, try Farm Boy Bacon Cheddar Gourmet Burgers 

Burgers are universally adored, so it’s not surprising that Farm Boy’s housemade, chef-inspired, grill-at-home patties are a fan fave year after year. Prepared fresh each day, the hand-formed burgers are made from ground Canadian beef, fragrant herbs, spices, cheese and bacon. There’s always more to explore, so look for Blue Cheese Bacon, Caramelized Onion Swiss, Jalapeno Jack, Maple Chipotle Kale, Spicy Sriracha and Poutine. Yes, there is a curd-studded Poutine Burger. 

If you love pub-style BBQ chicken wings, try Farm Boy Cauliflower Tempura with Buffalo Sauce 

Cauliflower is a surprisingly versatile vegetable and it makes a great veg-friendly stand-in for classic chicken wings. Located in the frozen section, each tender floret is dredged in a light, ultra-crispy tempura batter. Once baked or air-fried, they’re ready to get tossed in the included spicy buffalo sauce. Uphold the pub-at-home theme by serving alongside carrot and celery sticks with Creamy Ranch Dressing to dip.

If you love fish and chips, try Farm Boy Calamari Rings & Tentacles

Get excited when you see calamari on the menu? Farm Boy sees you and offers up resto-quality, mildly sweet rings of lightly battered squid. The new product is vacuum-sealed to ensure those freshly caught vibes. After a cook in the oven, deep-fryer or air-fryer, serve up with Farm Boy’s tangy Tartar Sauce and a fresh lemon wedge. 

If you love smoothie bowls, try Farm Boy Smoothie Boosters 

With the new Smoothie Boosters, you can forget about prepping and just get to blending. Thanks to four lip-smacking flavours—Upbeet Berry, Super Greens, Breezy Pineapple and Star-Berry Banana—the individually portioned frozen blends combine nutrient-rich fruits plus veggies and vegan protein. All you have to do is blend with your favourite type of milk or juice and serve bowl-style with fresh-cut fruit and granola or in a cup for a filling, fibre-filled meal on the go. 

If you love chocolate hazelnut spread, try Farm Boy Sesame Chocolate Spread 

Another newbie to the 2022 lineup, this smooth, chocolatey spread comes with a warning: you’ll want to put it on everything. Tasty as a dip for fresh fruit, on toast or drizzled over a bowl of silky ice cream, the rich spread is made from premium roasted sesame seeds and fair-trade cocoa powder. It’s lower in sugar, but you’d never know it. Grab it in Original, Keto (which has no sugar) or Vegan

If you love perogies, try Farm Boy Dumplings 

Do you love flavour-packed parcels wrapped in delicate dough? Farm Boy’s new Ontario-made, Asian-inspired dumplings are brimming with fresh ingredients. Pre-steamed and flash-frozen to lock in the flavour, each of the four varieties are tender, delicious and ready in just minutes whether you fry, steam, bake or cook in broth. Try Chicken, Beef, Pork or Kimchi

If you love charcuterie but not the dairy, try Farm Boy Vegan Cheese Alternatives 

A good vegan cheese used to be hard to come by. That’s no longer the case. Entirely plant-based, Farm Boy took recreating classic cheeses very seriously, perfecting a spot-on, dairy-free homage to fromage with a texture and flavour that you have to taste to believe. Satisfying as a slice with crackers, on a sandwich or melted in your fave dishes, try the vegan best-seller in Poutine-Style Curd, Cheddar, Smoked Gouda, Mozzarella, Swiss, Provolone, Parmesan shreds and mega-popular Feta-Style.

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