10 Purr-fect Products For A Stylish And Stimulated Kitty

10 fashionable feline finds that won’t compromise your aesthetic or kitty’s play time.
10 Purr-fect Products For A Stylish And Stimulated Kitty
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Devoted feline lovers agree: cats are the best companions. Fluffy, independent purr machines, they sure know how to live, soaking up sunbeams, claiming empty boxes and blessing us with their affection (on their terms only!). While they’re highly self-sufficient, it’s important for cats to have stimulation to nurture their brains and cater to their wild instincts. This often means bringing home unappealing, clunky products that scream, “Cat rules everything around me!”

Thankfully, having a furry roommate no longer requires compromising your home’s aesthetic.  Specialists in Canadian pet care since 1976, Pet Valu took this common struggle and created chic, premium product solutions for the home that meet your cat’s needs without creating an eyesore, and toys that encourage play time and memorable moments together. 

Functional and stylish feline furniture

These design-conscious pieces will appease not only your pet but your abode, as well.

10 Purr-fect Products For A Stylish And Stimulated Kitty
JUMP! Delilah Cat Tree with Condo
If the joke in your home is that it's your cat’s house and you just live there, then a cat tree is clearly in order. Large enough for satisfactory climbing and “ohhh, big stretch”-ing but not overwhelming in your space, this ultra-chic faux-fur cat tree will make you wish it came big enough for you to relax in. This spot-cleanable piece features paper rope posts for scratching, a cozy condo and a cloud-like hammock for your cat to watch over their kingdom in absolute comfort. Replaceable scratch posts (sold separately) will keep your cat clawing back for more!

JUMP! Monty Cat Tree
When it comes to getting a cat tree, there are many options to fit your cat’s personality and your home’s vibe—but it also needs to fit your space, literally. Taking up a smaller footprint, the Monty Cat Tree stands at 42 inches tall but only takes up a foot-and-a-half of floor space. Its soft faux fur and muted palette grey and beige, along with its replaceable natural sisal rope pole and cat-shaped pad for scratching make it an easy fit for a chic home. The two tiers offer a variety of perching possibilities, plus extended engagement thanks to the D-ring under each board—clip on or replace JUMP! hanging toys (sold separately) for added play.

JUMP! Maisie Cat Tree
If you’re a two-cat household, the Maisie Cat Tree offers room for both fur babies, all in one piece. With two baskets, each outfitted with its own plush, machine-washable cushion, your kitties can relax together but with their own space. The replaceable sisal rope scratching posts (sold separately) keep claws trimmed, and with two platforms, cats will love to explore, climb, scratch and stretch before nestling into the comfy wicker baskets. A D-ring under each board allows for attaching or replacing JUMP! hanging toys (sold separately) for added play and extended engagement.

10 Purr-fect Products For A Stylish And Stimulated Kitty

JUMP! Leaves Wave Ultra Large Cat Scratcher
Those adorable toe beans sheath super-sharp claws that your furball instinctively wants to file. A wavy cat scratcher can assist with their maintenance trims. Generously sized and made from 100 per cent FSC-certified cardboard in a honeycomb pattern, this scratcher has a texture that mimics tree bark so your pet can satisfy their need to scratch without damaging your furniture—not to mention it contains catnip for hours of fun. In a home with earth tones and a tranquil vibe, this piece will easily blend in thanks to its timeless sage-green colour and minimalist leaf motif.

JUMP! Cartoon Cats Cat Scratcher
Need something with a smaller profile that speaks to your whimsical style? This medium-sized cat scratcher adorned with adorable kitty faces can easily be tucked under a sofa or draped in a sheepskin for Scandi-vibe shifts at the Biscuit Factory. Providing a safe and fun way for cats to flex their scratching urges, and made from 100 per cent FSC-certified cardboard, the scratcher has a honeycomb surface cardboard texture that appeals to their instincts, especially with the included bag of catnip sprinkled within the grooves.

10 Purr-fect Products For A Stylish And Stimulated Kitty10 Purr-fect Products For A Stylish And Stimulated Kitty

Innovative toys for interactive play 


Make play time just as fun and entertaining as it is stimulating and multi-sensory.
10 Purr-fect Products For A Stylish And Stimulated Kitty
JUMP! 5-in-1 Teaser Wand Set Cat Toy
Cats are naturally curious, and playing together with interactive toys strengthens your bond. The variety of ribbons, feathers and pompoms in this set encourages mental stimulation and exercise. When the toys aren’t in play, store them where kitty can easily access them. Nothing is as cute as a cat fishing out their favourite toys.

JUMP! LED Octopus Cat Toy
Cats are beauty, cats are grace. Cats are also bona fide hunters with an urge to prowl. This creature from the deep will capture their attention and engage those hunting instincts. Large enough for cats to pounce and attack, this octopus has motion-activated sounds and attention-grabbing flashing LED lights for added sensory play. Pink, plush and adorable, this cephalopod could pass for any other sweet stuffy.

10 Purr-fect Products For A Stylish And Stimulated Kitty

JUMP! Snack Ball Cat Toy
What’s better than a toy? A toy that’s also a treat dispenser. This snack-wielding sphere is a purr-fect way to entertain your cat through play and reward. A built-in maze keeps the treats in place until movement dislodges them. Can your cat be taught cause and effect? This mentally stimulating and exercise-encouraging toy sure is up for the challenge. 

JUMP! Automatic Rolling Ball with LED Cat Toy
An LED light is mighty appealing to felines, but sometimes simply chasing a laser leaves them wanting something to “catch.” This toy is the solution. With its flashing LED lights and built-in intelligence that allows it to avoid corners and obstacles, you can take a break from tossing while your cat chases around the ever-moving ball. Bonus: no batteries required, simply plug in the USB to charge.

JUMP! Window Spinner Cat Toy
In the cat world, few joys can match window-watching. Change their nature channel into stimulating play with this suction-stick window spinner. The added catnip will draw your cat in, and the rattling ball will keep them happily pawing in interactive play.

10 Purr-fect Products For A Stylish And Stimulated Kitty
Calling all devoted cat lovers: visit your local Pet Valu to fulfill all your feline needs—from furniture and toys to expert advice and more.