How to make a grand entrance with colour

Beautiful Benjamin More Paint colours to transform your front door into a Grand Entrance.
By Sharon Grech
How to make a grand entrance with colour

Photo: Benjamin Moore

First impressions are formed at your doorstep.  So that’s the perfect place to make a welcoming statement with a splash of colour that expresses your style!

Since it’s a relatively small area compared to the rest of the house, you can afford to take risks with the front door and be more adventurous with colour.

With so many colours to choose from, the decision can seem overwhelming, and might even take longer than the actual painting.  To help narrow it down, my recommendation is to start with an edited palette like Benjamin Moore’s Affinity Collection or Historical Collection.  Within these 300 or so colours you will find the perfect hue for the outdoors that has just enough zing to add curb appeal but not too radical to compete with the surroundings.

For a welcome that is evocative of sunshine and summer’s warmth, give yellow a try.  One of my new favourites is the buttery English Scone.  It’s a lively yellow but not neon, so your guests won’t require sunglasses upon arrival.     If you’re bored with traditional red, you will love the cosmetic feel of Claret Rose 2018-20 to brighten things up.   On the cooler side of the spectrum, Benjamin Moore’s Blue Lake 2053-40 is just as appealing and fashion forward outdoors as in.

Like any paint project, the preparation time is critical to ensure a perfect finish, so don’t skimp here.  Ensure the door is clean and sanded smooth before starting, and if necessary primed.  My paint choice for the front door is Benjamin Moore’s Aura Grand Entrance in a satin or high-gloss finish.  It goes on smooth and withstands the rigor of even the most punishing climate. It also offers a curated Collection of 32 exclusive colours that were formulated specifically for front doors.

It’s amazing how a front-door colour makeover can transform your façade, even giving the illusion that the whole exterior benefitted from a re-fresh!

How to make a grand entrance with colour | Door 01 Photo: Benjamin Moore

Door - English Scone Aura Grand Entrance High-Gloss Trim - Frostbite Aura Grand Entrance Satin

How to make a grand entrance with colour | Door 02 Photo: Benjamin Moore

Door  - Claret Rose 2008-20 Aura Grand Entrance Satin Trim  - Plantation White Aura Grand Entrance High Gloss

How to make a grand entrance with colour | Door 03 Photo: Benjamin Moore

Door - Blue Lake 2053-40 Aura Grand Entrance, Satin Main Colour - Misty Gray 2124-60, Aura Exterior, Low Lustre Accent - Midsummer Night 2134-20, Aura Exterior, Satin