How to Keep Your Kitchen Smelling Fresh

A quick and easy guide to safely refreshing the busiest room in your home.
By Febreze
How to Keep Your Kitchen Smelling Fresh
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We are all spending more time inside. With that comes more time spent together—and more time spent with everyday odours: odours that were once easy to ignore, and even easier to avoid.

Odours can often be caused by rotting food forgotten in the back of the fridge, poor ventilation while cooking or trapped grease. Discovering effective and safe ways to eliminate odours and leave your space smelling fresh are more important than ever. While you’re spending your new-found time at home trying new recipes or baking loaves of sourdough, we've identified some common sources of kitchen odours—and have easy suggestions for keeping the hub of your home as fresh as can be.


Your kitchen sink

Any food that gets washed from your plates, gets washed down your sink. If food scraps and leftovers begin to rot, they also develop nasty odours that can waft through your kitchen and around your home. A blast of Febreze Air Effects can easily attack bad odours by using elements commonly found in nature, without harsh or unsafe ingredients. That means you can feel good about using Febreze around kids, pets, and the kitchen sink!

To freshen up your space even more, make sure that cooking smells from the kitchen don’t find their way through the home and latch onto your soft furniture with Febreze FABRIC.

The trash can

Although obvious, the trash can is a kitchen’s biggest odour-causing culprit. (If you’ve been trying out new summer seafood recipes, you know exactly what we mean.) Take out your trash, compost and recycling regularly to avoid odours before they have a chance to creep up on you. You can always place a Febreze SMALL SPACES right in the trash bin to get rid of any lingering smells.

Your fridge

Do a fridge clean out—and do it frequently. Expired food can quickly stink you out every time you open the refrigerator door. Battling those unwanted odours with Febreze Air Effects can buy you some time while you unpack the odour-causing culprit. Febreze uses a 100 percent natural propellant formulated with nitrogen, part of the air we breathe every day. Store and use it in your kitchen without worry.

Lingering cooking smells


Cooking for your family is necessary these days, and therapeutic. Not only does it make you feel productive, you’re also taking care of the people around you. But with cooking comes scents that can last longer than your all-day pasta sauce. These quick and simple tips can help your nose move on, while avoiding harsh chemicals to keep your space fresh and safe for the whole family.

Open a window Some foods linger long after they’ve been eaten—usually that can be taken care of by cracking a window, turning on a ceiling van, or your overhead vent after cooking.

Wash up The longer you leave dirty dishes and cooking gear, the longer the smells will last, too.

Practice good air care
Febreze Air Effects are designed to be safe for your family because they’re free from harsh or unsafe ingredients. In fact, ease your mind by checking out the full ingredient list on Smart Label.