How To Amp Up Your Chili And Upgrade Your Favourite Meals

Plus, find out the secret ingredient that will make your chili recipe even better.
By BUSH'S Beans
How To Amp Up Your Chili And Upgrade Your Favourite Meals
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For many of us, chili is synonymous with comfort food, whether it’s game day or any day—but especially once the weather cools. After all, there’s little else that can warm up tummies—and hearts—like a tasty, nourishing and satisfying bowl of chili. Not convinced? Here are five reasons to make chili your go-to cold weather meal.

1. Pump up your favourite recipe

Whether you have your grandma’s tried-and-true chili recipe, you’ve crafted your own or you’re still figuring one out, there’s one ingredient that will ensure you end up with an absolutely delicious dish. Bush’s Chili Beans amp up any chili recipe, spicy or mild. Created specifically for the popular stew, these prepared beans make your best chili even better. In fact, several winners of the World Championship Chili Cook-Off take pride in using premium Bush’s Chili Beans in their award-winning entries. See for yourself in the 2021 first-place recipe.

2. Ultra-versatile ingredients

When it comes to chili, anything goes—it's adaptable not only to different taste preferences, but also to whatever you have in the fridge or pantry. Turn up the heat with more chili peppers or keep it mild to suit a wider audience. Opt for a classic tomato base or try a lighter broth. Go meat-free of use beef, chicken, turkey or sausage (leftover meats work great and cut down cooking time).

Choose from a variety of beans including red kidney, black and pinto beans, or mix it up. Canned beans are especially convenient because they’re already cooked. Plus, using seasoned prepared beans also add that much more flavour without taking any extra time in the kitchen. Bush’s Chili Beans, for instance, are slow simmered to perfection​ in a rich chili sauce, with a unique blend of spices​ infused in every bean. Toss in whatever veggies you have on hand—tomatoes, carrots, celery, mushrooms, peppers or onions... The possibilities are endless.

3. So many meal options

Chili is amazing as its own meal, but it can also take other dishes to the next level. Use it as a topping to combine two classics into a mouth-watering chili cheese dog. Load up a baked potato with hearty dollops of chili or give a tray of nachos some extra heft. Chili is also delicious over mac and cheese, a plate of fries or taco salad. You could come up with a week’s menu from a single pot of chili.

4. Easy prep

Whether you’re using an Instant Pot, slow cooker or stove-top method, chili is one of those fabulous single-pot recipes that can involve as much or as little preparation as you want. Just remember this one pro tip: add the beans last.


Since canned beans are already cooked, simply pour them in towards the end and let heat for five to 10 minutes. And with Bush’s Chili Beans, there's no rinsing needed; add the entire can of chili bean goodness to take advantage of the perfectly seasoned sauce. Bush’s Chili Beans are the saucy secret weapon that adds cooked-all-day flavour in just minutes. Plus, adding the beans last helps uphold their unique shape, texture and flavour.

5. Delicious and nutritious

The core ingredients that make up every hearty bowl of chili not only taste good, but are good for you. Whatever meat you use packs a protein punch, while veggie versions using only beans also offer good sources of plant-based protein. Chilies, veggies and beans—including canned prepared beans like Bush’s Chili Beans—provide fibre, which helps keep you regular and slows the rate at which your body absorbs sugar. Bush's Chili Beans also add potassium, iron and calcium, not to mention they’re gluten- and cholesterol-free.

So that’s the beauty of chili–it’s tasty, it’s good for you, it’s super versatile, it’s easy to make and it never disappoints, especially with the secret ingredient. Learn more and find crowd-pleasing recipes at