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11 Decadent Breakfast Breads For New Year's Day

Let's celebrate the new year with a bevvy of breakfast breads, from cinnamon buns to a streusel-topped loaf swirled with butter and dark chocolate.
11 Decadent Breakfast Breads For New Year's Day

Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Make the first meal of 2021 a soothing, decadent indulgence. (Our plans always include one of these gorgeous breakfast breads.) From cinnamon-laced twist breads to fluffy cinnamon buns—watch how they're made below—and an unreal chocolate loaf, there's an indulgent breakfast treat here for everyone.

Babka bread rolls

These sweet buns, topped with crunchy streusel and swirled with butter and dark chocolate, are breakfast and dessert all rolled into one. Get our babka bread rolls recipe.

Baby babka buns - breakfast breads Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Chocolate Babka Spiral

Impress a crowd with this decadent dessert-for-breakfast dish. Get our chocolate babka bread recipe.

A chocolate babka wrapped in paper with one slice sliced off and lying to one side on a cutting board (Photo: Roberto Caruso)

Cinnamon Twist Wreath

This cinnamon twist wreath is so pretty you’ll almost want to hang it on your door (but that would be foolish! Why waste such a tasty treat?). Get our cinnamon twist wreath recipe.

A cinnamon twist wreath on a white and pink background

Cinnamon Scroll Loaf

Evoke memories of holidays past with the scent of a fresh-baked cinnamon loaf. Get our cinnamon scroll loaf recipe.

Cinnamon Scroll Loaf Photo, Erik Putz.

Cinnamon Buns

Start your New Year’s right with these tasty rolls. Get our cinnamon buns recipe.

Cinnamon Buns Photo, Erik Putz.

Golden Challah Bread

Made from a centuries-old recipe (passed down from a rabbi’s mother-in-law!), this loaf couldn’t be more authentic. With its chewy crust and oh-so-tender centre, it also couldn’t be more delicious. Gather the family and break bread in style (and don't forget to save the leftovers for French toast!). Get our golden challah bread recipe.

A partially sliced loaf of golden challah bread on a wood cutting board next to a knife and a bowl of coarse salt (Photo: Roberto Caruso)

Monkey Bread

This kid-friendly, gooey, pull-apart bread is the perfect holiday breakfast. Get our monkey bread recipe.

A loaf of monkey bread on a white cake stand on a red placemat (Photo: Angus Fergusson)

Creamy pear and mascarpone brioche

Warm pears cooked in a sweet brandy sauce top this decadent brioche, making it an indulgent recipe for holiday brunch. Get our pear and mascarpone brioche recipe.

11 Decadent Breakfast Breads For New Year's Day Photo, Sian Richards.

Caramel-Pecan Sticky Buns

This easy brunch treat—crammed with brown sugar and pecans—gives new meaning to the phrase “sticky fingers”. Get our caramel-pecan sticky buns recipe.

Caramel-pecan sticky buns on a piece of parchment paper on a baking sheet on a cooling rat on a pink placemat (Photo: Angus Fergusson)

Slow cooker cinnamon-raisin swirl bread

You can’t go wrong with warm, fresh slices of buttered bread for breakfast. Get our cinnamon-raisin swirl loaf recipe.

Slow cooker cinnamon-raisin swirl bread Photo, Roberto Caruso.

White chocolate scones

Top these delicious oven-baked scones with yogurt creme fraiche for a delectably creamy treat. Get our white chocolate scones recipe.

11 Decadent Breakfast Breads For New Year's Day

How to make cinnamon buns


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