5 last-minute Valentine's Day treats

From cute and colourful store-bought delights, to homemade goodies – here are five sweet treats, perfect for every Valentine.
5 last-minute Valentine's Day treats

5 Valentine's Candy

Candy conversation hearts

Whip up a little grade school nostalgia with homemade candy conversation hearts. It’s a simple recipe with a secret ingredient - flavoured gelatin! Use heart-shaped cookie cutters, food colouring pens and rubber letter stamps to customize your own love notes.

Get the recipe.

5 last-minute Valentine's Day treatsCandy conversation hearts

5 berry pop

This princess pink white chocolate bark with freeze-dried strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, cranberries, cherries and pop rock candy couldn't be prettier, just like your beloved.

Purchase in-store or call/email Soma Chocolatemaker to order within Canada, from $16.50.

Photo: Soma Chocolatemaker/Facebook

5 last-minute Valentine's Day treatsSOMA's pink chocolate bark

Pretty macarons

Life is like a box of... macarons? It's not chocolate, but with multiple flavours to choose from, you're still won't know what you're going to get! (A little mystery goes a long way.) Purchase in-store or order online at Nadege Patisserie within Canada, from $36 Photo: Nadege Patisserie

5 last-minute Valentine's Day treatsPretty macarons

Do you prefer to say it with flowers or chocolate? For the indecisive, why not both? Sending flowers has never been sweeter with a creamy milk chocolate rosebud.

Purchase in-store or order online at Purdys Chocolatier within Canada, $6.

Photo: Purdys Chocolatier

5 last-minute Valentine's Day treatsChocolate roses

Homemade marshmallows

Our rosy almond marshmallows only takes 10 min to make, for all the Valentine's procrastinators out there! For bonus points, use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to make your homemade gift even sweeter.

Get the recipe.

5 last-minute Valentine's Day treatsHomemade marshmallows


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