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How to peel and core a whole pineapple

This tropical fruit may be prickly and peculiar-looking, but it's quite simple to prepare. Watch this video to learn our quick and easy technique.

Noticed any pineapple displays popping up in your local supermarket? While available year-round, March is the beginning of their peak season. So if you're particular about your pineapple, get out there and start enjoying the good stuff.

Not sure what to do with a fresh, whole pineapple? It's actually quite simple to prepare! Watch the video above for our technique.

Choosing your pineapple Looking for a pineapple that's ripe and ready to eat? Be sure to look for bright green leaves and no bruising (dark brown spots), then take a moment to lean in and smell the fruit – when fully ripe, it will smell like fresh pineapple, even through the thick outer skin.


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