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Vikram Vij came to the Chatelaine Kitchen!

With over 15 ready meals to choose from, Vij's handmade frozen entrées are a great stand-in when we're too busy to cook.
By Michelle Lucas Larving
Indian-mango lentil salad Indian-mango lentil salad

We’re constantly dreaming of the flavours coming out of Vij’s Rangoli in Vancouver (which is cross-country from our test kitchen in Toronto), so we were super excited when our good friend Vikram Vij decided to drop by when he was in our 'hood. Lucky for us it was lunchtime and he took charge of the kitchen, cooking up a feast from his incredible new line of frozen Indian dishes called, appropriately enough, Vij's at Home.

Chicken-curry-with-kalonji-spice Vij's Chicken curry with kalonji spice

Vikram’s love and passion for food is absolutely contagious and his philosophy is simple: let’s all make an effort to cook more, eat together and embrace diversity on our dinner plates. We’ve all been there, exhausted from the workweek and ready to call a slice of toast over the kitchen sink dinner, but we really should try harder. Dinner can become the time of day to relax, unwind and reconnect with family and friends. As for what to eat? Push yourself to try new things! We live in such an amazingly diverse country and our palettes should reflect that. From goan curry to Tibetan dumplings you never know what potential favorite meals you’ve been missing out on.

We can’t wait to catch up with Vikram again next time he’s in town, but for now let’s spread the word on making everyday meals a bit more extraordinary, and infuse our lives with a little bit of Indian spice.


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