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The easiest ice cream recipe ever, no machine required

With this simple no-churn ice cream formula, you'll be able to scoop up 31 easy flavours at home.
three-ingredient ice cream
3-ingredient ice cream

There's an ice cream renaissance underway; all over Canada cute parlours, stands and food trucks are doling out swirls of fancy soft-serve, over-the-top dipped cones and new flavours like matcha, sesame and taro. While I can never say no to a glammed-up waffle cone or an OTT ice cream sandwich, sometimes I'd rather sit back and cool off at home. Enter the easiest ice cream recipe ever, and — wait for it — there’s no ice cream maker required.

Picking the first flavour to try will be hard. Serious sweet tooths should go for the toasted marshmallow (my freezer is always stocked up). And if you're really looking to embrace the wild flavour trend, opt for the one that (pleasantly) surprised the test kitchen team and I the most: sweet corn! So. Freaking. Good.

What makes this recipe special? It only requires three ingredients, and there’s very little preparation necessary. The formula is simple: 1 cup 35% cream + 1/2 can sweetened condensed milk + flavour (cocoa, peanut butter, strawberries or anything else you can dream up).

Do I need any gadgets? All you need is a hand-held mixer. It whips your ingredients together into a smooth and fluffy consistency that's ready for the freezer. Then you just let it set for six hours. Your patience will be rewarded, I promise.

How does it taste? It’s just as cool and creamy as a traditional scoop. And the recipes make about 2 1/2 cups of ice cream, so you won’t overload the freezer as you test out flavours (we have 31 recipes to choose from!).

See how simple it is:


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