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Food trend alert: Savoury yogurts

Dip your spoons into yogurts that celebrate a vegetable's natural sweetness in a deliciously new and exciting way.
Savoury yogurt, left to right: sweet potato, parsnip and avocado. Savoury yogurt, left to right: sweet potato, parsnip and avocado. (Photo, Roberto Caruso.)

Culture shock The latest in a bounty of ever-expanding yogurt options is veggies. We've seen carrots, beets and tomatoes incorporated into fruit blends, so we tried it in the test kitchen, aiming to create something that doesn't just taste like a chip dip. The results were delicious. The key is amplifying a vegetable's natural sweetness (think of parsnips and sweet potatoes that have been roasted, or creamy avocados) before adding it to plain yogurt. The other yogurt trend is DIY: Go full-on pioneer and make it at home, no fancy equipment required. It's simple and creamy like no other yogurt you've ever tasted.

How to make yogurt at home:  Yogurt is created when you add active bacterial cultures to warm milk. After sitting for 4 hours, it will be slightly tangy; after 15 hours it will be even tangier, and it will continue to develop flavour as it sits in the fridge. Get the recipe for our homemade yogurt.


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