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The best new way to eat chocolate

Bespoke chocolate is an old tradition experiencing a surge of innovation--so the next time you're craving this decadent sweet, get a little adventurous!
popping sugar chocolate candy

As any avid cocoa bean lover with an adventurous palette knows, there are tons of ways to get your chocolate fix. And the range of specialized chocolates available is only growing. One of the big stars now is artisanal chocolate -- and thankfully there’s no shortage of options!

Bespoke chocolate is an old tradition, but that doesn’t preclude innovation. Fresh ideas are always popping up, like the current bean-to-bar trend, whereby cacao beans are selected, imported, and taken through the production process to be turned into bars and delectable treats, entirely in-house. The practice is even turning full-circle and heading over to Europe, recently spotted popping up in France (where chocolate is not just a food, but an art form) and even Grenada.

Which brings us to last week: when a limited edition chocolate bar, crafted by Lindt Maître Chocolatiers Heinz Schlegel and Ann Czaja, made its way to us, we were excited to try a small-batch creation from the iconic chocolate brand. The bar, topped with Canadian maple sprinkles, Salish alder smoked fine sea salt, and dried organic blueberries, is definitely delicious (and nutritious? No? Maybe a little?).

While any chocolate can get my attention—a customized, hand-made chocolate bar has my undivided attention. Even Maître Chocolatier Ann Czaja herself notes, “life is too short for ordinary chocolate.”

Try these sinfully delicious chocolate recipes, and tell us, what’s your favourite way to indulge your chocolate craving?


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