You won't believe how expensive child care is in Canada

Kids are cute, but holy moly, are they costly!

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As part of its election platform, the Liberal Party promised to invest in “affordable, high-quality, flexible, and fully inclusive child care for Canadian families.” It’s a good thing, too, because according to stats released today by the Centre for Canadian Policy Alternatives, making sure your little ones are looked after is wacky expensive in this country.

The study, which looks at child-care expenses in Canada’s 27 most populous cities, also shows a huge variance depending on where you live. Unsurprisingly, Toronto has the highest monthly fees in the country ($1,736/month for infants! $1,325 for toddlers! $1,033 for preschoolers!) while costs were lowest in Quebec, where child care fees are capped at $174 per month across all age categories. And the cost isn’t going to dip any time soon, either. Since last year, child-care fees have increased by an average of five per cent. That’s five times the rate of inflation.

Check out the top 10 most expensive cities below — and maybe think about sending grandma a babysitting request (and some flowers).

Infant fee (monthly)

Toronto, ON – $1,736
St. John’s, NL – $1,400
Markham, ON – $1,324
Vaughan, ON – $1,302
Vancouver, BC – $1,225
Hamilton, ON – $1,239
Burnaby, BC – 1,210
London, ON – $1,180
Calgary, AB – $1,075
Windsor, ON – $977

Toddler fee (monthly)

Toronto, ON – $1,325
Ottawa, ON – $1,194
Vancouver, BC – $1,180
Markham, ON – $1,150
London, ON – $1,085
Vaughan, ON – $1,045
Hamilton, ON – $1,020
Burnaby, BC – $1,000
Brampton, ON – $966
Mississauga, ON – $966

Preschooler fee (monthly)

Toronto, ON – $1,033
Markham, ON – $1,000
Ottawa, ON – $987
Vaughan, ON – $981
Brampton, ON – $977
Mississauga, ON – $977
London, ON – $970
Vancouver, BC – $905
Calgary, AB – $910
St. John’s, NL – $857

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