Are the Trudeaus the cuddliest Canadian family of all time?

From panda cubs to puppies, the Trudeaus know how to get their snuggle on.

Photo, @JustinTrudeau/Twitter

Photo, @JustinTrudeau/Twitter

Justin Trudeau’s recent photo op with the Toronto Zoo’s panda cubs, Jia Panpan and Jia Yueyue (squeeee!), is merely the latest example in a long history of Trudeau cuddle-fests. The prime minister has been also been known to embrace:

His ministers (that’s Minister of Finance Bill Morneau).

trudeau pride bill morneau


Former prime ministers.


Former Toronto city councillors (in this case, Adam Vaughan).


Provincial leaders (this is Kathleen Wynne).


Other people’s babies.


His mom.


His wife.


His entire family.

justin trudeau family photo portrait couch

Photo, Maude Chauvin.


Speaking of family, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau is no slouch in the cuddling department, either. Here she is on the cover of this very publication snuggling a puppy.

sophie gregoire trudeau chatelaine october 2006


And, a couple of years later, cuddling her then-newborn baby, Xavier.

sophie gregoire trudeau chatelaine june 2008


Pierre Trudeau was not afraid of a friendly man-to-man snuggle.


Or a cuddly photo-op.


Sunny ways? Sure. Snuggly ways? Most definitely.

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