Mother's Day

What our food director is cooking for her mom on Mother’s Day

Claire Tansey whips up a delicious Mother's Day menu – a chic, easy meal inspired by three generations of women.
By Claire Tansey
Chatelaine cosmopolitan recipe Chatelaine cosmopolitan recipe

I was on Cityline Wednesday morning making a menu for Mother’s day. I decided to make something for my mom, something for my grandmother and something for me. And of course the whole menu is really easy (I’m not into stressful multi-course entertaining!).

My nana, Pauline, was a chic former model who lived to cook and eat. She came for supper at our house most Sundays, usually starting the evening off with a martini and a menthol cigarette (hey, it was the '70s), and ending it freestyling jazz standards on the piano. So for Nana, this menu starts with The Chatelaine Cosmo, a pretty and delicious take on a classic.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. We have the toughest job in the world….but it’s also the best.

I love tarragon so much, and it seems like an under-appreciated herb, so these yummy (and easy) chicken sandwiches with tarragon and grapes are for me. I prefer them made on soft round buns…but baguette is great too.


To finish, a decadent little square for my mom, Margaret, who makes the world’s best shortbread cookies. We took the cookie base and topped it with gooey, rich sticky-toffee topping. I love these squares – in fact I ate about four while waiting backstage for the show to start!



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