Mother's Day

Flower arrangement for a Mother's Day breakfast tray

All you need is a small bowl and a couple of bunches of carnations to create a pretty floral arrangement.


photo: Michael Graydon

If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a mom, it’s that the only thing I really want on Mother’s Day is breakfast in bed. Some flowers on the tray would send me over the moon. But here’s the reality- rather than calling the fashionable florist and cutting cold butter into flour, you hubby is more likely running out to the supermarket Sunday morning to pick up some questionable flowers and far from homemade muffins. So this blog post is really for him so listen up dads! All you need to create a stunning flower arrangement is a couple of bunches of carnations, a small bowl, and a little know-how.


1. If you have an Oasis (the green foam that you can get at flower shops and craft stores), line a small bowl with it. If you don’t have any, skip to step 2.


2. Cut the carnations so that the heads fit just above the rim of the bowl. Keep trimming flowers until you have enough to completely fill the bowl.


3. Stick flowers into the Oasis, or if you don’t have any, use dental floss, and elastic band, or kitchen twine to wrap the stems into a tight bunch. Place in bowl and fill with water.

Tip: if the flowers are too closed, use warm water to help them open faster. You can also “fluff” them open with your fingers.

Voila! A linen placemat, a porcelain cup filled with coffee and a basket of warm baked good is all I need. And the loving adoration of my family.

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