Mother's Day

Celebrity moms we love and a few we don't

In celebration of Mother's Day, we rounded up our favourite Hollywood mamas. Here's why we love them...
By Astrid Van Den Broek
Celebrity moms we love and a few we don't

Busy mom Jennifer Garner playing in the park with one of her three children. Photo: Getty Images

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner, celebrity mom, playing in the park with daughterBusy mom Jennifer Garner playing in the park with one of her three children.rnPhoto: Getty Images

Sandra Bullock

Why we love her: What celebrity is able to keep mum on being a mum? Bullock apparently, despite the fact that she adopted son Louis Bardo Bullock just before snagging an Oscar for her Blind Side role and then shortly thereafter, split from cheating hubby Jesse James. Reports say the adoption was inspired by Bullock’s step-daughter Sunny James, a step-daughter she continues to remain tight with despite the break-up with her dad.

Sandra Bullock, celebrity momGetty Images

Jennifer Garner

Why we love her: Can you think of any other celeb seen in photos playing with their children? Nanny-free, we might add? Clearly the Arthur star is an involved mom to her daughters Violet and Seraphina’s: pushing them on swings, toting them around on her hips, taking them for snacks. Not only that, but she sports a real mom vibe and is not always glammed up — just her girl-next-door-beauty shining through her mom uniform of jeans, sweaters and ponytails.

Jennifer Garner, celebrity momGetty Images

Heidi Klum

Why we love her: For making big families fashionable and being fashionable with a big family. Forget the 19 Kids & Counting! with the Duggars. If the Project Runway host and husband-singer Seal continue to make such beautiful babies (just look at their children Leni, 6, Henry, 5, Johan, 4, Lou, 1) big fams will truly be back in style. Like Jennifer Garner, the Project Runway host likes to accessorize with one or more of her children at a time and always looks fab doing it, even if she’s sporting a tiger-painted face.

Heidi Klum, celebrity momGetty Images

Jodie Foster

Why we love her: Unlike Suri, Kingston or Maddox — and let’s be honest, we all know who their parents are — actress Jodie Foster’s two sons remain relatively nameless in the public eye. Intensely private about them (she has yet to reveal who their father is), we give props to the Inside Man star to sons Charles and Kit.

Jodie Foster, celebrity momGetty Images

Tina Fey

Why we love her: The 30 Rock star, who is pregnant with baby number two, vocalizes what many overworked tired moms are thinking and isn’t afraid of the judgement. She had us after her piece in the February issue of The New Yorker, where she asks: what is the worst question you can ask a woman? (Answer: How do you juggle it all? Because it implies that you’re not.) Amen!

Tina Fey, celebrity momGetty Images

Jenny McCarthy

Why we love her: Pre-kid, if you heard the name Jenny McCarthy, you might have thought of that gross Candies shoes ad where she was plunked on a toilet, panties around her ankles. Now? You might think autism, the condition her son’s been diagnosed with. Since his diagnosis, McCarthy has been outspoken about autism on shows such as Oprah and The View, and published the experiences of life as the mother of an autistic child in the book Louder Than Words: A Mother’s Journey in Healing Autism. Now admittedly, while the Two and a Half Men star also became the face of some of autism’s myths — that vaccinations caused the condition — we’re behind any mother who brings attention to the conditions of her child.

Jenny McCarthy, celebrity momGetty Images

A few other mothers who caught our eye...

...only, they made our list of moms we’d like to see do better. Such as:

Katie Holmes: To The Kennedys star/Tom Cruise’s wife, we’d just like to remind you that little Suri isn’t just a photo op, okay?

Victoria Beckham: We know, we know, she’s birthing a soccer team — but again, it feels like her boys Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz are just fashionable accessories. And if the now pregnant star gives birth to a girl this summer, then so help us…

Angelina Jolie: While we love the clearly global perspective she’s giving her children, we can’t help but wonder if these little world travellers should stay in one place for awhile to get some stability? Children thrive on routine don’t they?

Kate Gosselin: This one's obvious, isn't it?

celebrity moms, Kate Gosselin, Angelina Jolie, Katie Holmes, Victoria BeckhamGetty Images


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