We Just Want A Little Romance

A little love letter goes a long way.

Here’s one thing I’ve learned in relationships: I’m a woman who needs a little romance. I don’t need some guy to put his jacket in a mud puddle for me or anything (it’s always seemed a bit silly), but I certainly have relished the times Ben piggy-backed me over a puddle to save my lovely heels. And while I don’t need fancy gifts and money, I always appreciate that every time I come home from being away longer than a few days, Ben has put a bottle of bubble bath on our bed so I can luxuriate.

And as time goes by, that kind of thing can be easy to take for granted…the small little gestures in life that all together, create the magic that you have as a couple. But when you’re apart as much as Ben and I are, and when you’re often as long distance as long distance gets, those little gestures matter.

In the days of email, webchat, and telephones, it’s much easier for Ben and I to keep in touch but there’s something about words on paper, isn’t there? So in an attempt to be as romantic as possible from literally around the world in a war zone, Ben sends me a letter once a week. They take about three weeks to get here, but I get them. I picture later on in life, wrapping them up in a bow like I’ve seen many war brides do. You can’t blame me for trying to put a little fantasy spin on it, can you?

So with Ben’s permission, I thought I’d post one of his shorter letters that I received a few weeks ago. Yes ladies, I really do have it this good.


It’s late and I’ve been working all day but you know I can’t really tell you what I’ve been doing. It’s boring anyways and I’m already having a hard time staying awake. Today I worked 17 hours and it will be another day like that tomorrow. The only thing that keeps me going is knowing I’m coming home to you soon.

The thought of us finally being together makes me smile because it’s been so long, hasn’t it? I worry that I’ll forget what you look like, but then I know I will fall asleep and dream of you. It’s the one place we can be together.

I miss you


Keep this letter in mind for your partner in the future. A little bit of romance keeps the world going round…especially when war is keeping you apart.


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