Thug Kitchen authors on how to eat healthier and swear more

We talk to the badass vegans behind the New York Times bestselling vegetarian cookbook

thug kitchen cookbook

Photo, Roberto Caruso.


The cooks at Thug Kitchen think you need to eat more veggies. And to help you with that, the L.A.-based couple behind the f-bomb-laced, mouth-watering vegan recipe blog launched their own cookbook, which will debut this Sunday at No. 1 on New York Times best seller list. Amateur chefs Matt Holloway and Michelle Davis talked to us about what it means to be a badass vegan — and about getting a shout-out from golden girl Gwyneth on Goop.

Why so many f-bombs in the book?

We try to make healthy eating more accessible. We curse on the blog because we curse in real life, and we want people to know they can relax and not take sh-t too seriously.

Why only vegan recipes?

One of us (Matt) eats a mainly plant-based diet and the other (Michelle) has been vegan for 11 years. We aren’t trying to push anyone to be vegan, but everyone knows they should eat more effing vegetables to have a well-rounded diet.

thug kitchen cookbook

Photo, Roberto Caruso.

How does it feel to be loved by Gwyneth Paltrow?

It was a huge surprise. We’re so grateful to her for spreading the word — we owe her a badass dinner.

Could we give this book to our grandmother?

Hell, yeah! We’ve created a wide variety of recipes that meet all skill levels, but you would be surprised at how many supportive emails we get from older ladies. Grandma is probably the best cook in your family.

Thug Kitchen: Eat Like You Give a F*ck, $30.

thug kitchen cookbook

Photo, Roberto Caruso.

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