A necklace that gets you out of a sticky situation

An advertising company has created a product to help you hightail out of uncomfortable social situations and crucial moments.
man-women-drinks-bar-alcohol-relationship-bar Photo, Getty Images.

There are few things more likely to ruin your day than getting stuck alone in an awkward or potentially volatile social situation. Whether it’s a blind date gone awry, an encounter with a former BFF with whom you did not part on good terms, or an unsettling encounter with an overly friendly stranger at a bar, when trapped most of us desire the same thing: to get the heck out of there.

Now there may be a discrete way to do just that.

A new necklace (via FastCompany) aims to be a woman’s ally in a tight social situation. The Guardian Angel necklace, which can also be worn as a bracelet, works pretty simply. If you’re in distress or crave escape from an uncomfortable situation, all you have to do is press a button that's fairly well disguised on a pendant that hangs from the chain. Once pressed, the button automatically dials your cell phone, leaving you free to pick up the phone call and make your excuses before you beat a hasty retreat.

Created by advertising company JWT Singapore, the product grew out of a campaign to raise awareness about the prevalence of date rape, reports Fast Company’s Adele Peters.

Valerie Cheng, chief creative officer of the advertising firm, told Peters the idea for the necklace emerged after the firm pushed themselves to “come up [with] something that could help women during those crucial moments.” She also indicated that the jewellery was designed with young women in mind.

The necklace, which is made of sterling silver and features an oblong pendant that conceals the button, can be ordered online for $120.


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