Social quandary: How should I deal with 'mean moms'?

Her kids' new school was not what she imagined it would be. Instead of playdates and friendly get-togethers, these snobby mums won't give her the time of day.
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Have you found yourself in an awkward situation? Has someone irked you and you’re not sure how best to proceed? If so, you’re not alone! Every week, we feature a reader-submitted quandary so that you can weigh in with your best advice. What would you do in their situation? If you’d like to submit your own quandary, click here.

I'm an expat Canadian living oversees and so when I enrolled my boys in school I was looking forward to meeting other parents and making new friends. When school ends, all the parents stand in this outdoor corridor waiting for the doors to open so you can collect your kids - an ideal spot to chat and meet people. But that never really happened. It came as a rude awakening when none of the parents would say 'hi' to me, or even give me a 'hello' smile. They have openly, rudely, and unflinchingly snubbed me. I learned later that the school has a rep for 'mean moms'. It was like being in high school all over again — this clique of moms had play dates and invites coming out their ears, but I was shunned. One time at the playground, my son was playing with a 'mean mom's' child so she was forced to talk to me, but when I saw her the next day at school, she completely looked right through me. I was flummoxed at first, next a little hurt, and then I was angry and annoyed. It's a well-to-do school; every car in the lot is a Porsche or an Aston Martin, and when I first arrived we were driving an old junker that came with our rental. I'm convinced that's why these snobby moms aren't accepting of me. So now I've resorted to ignoring them, too. I suppose I look like a 'mean mom' now, but what can I do? I want to know: How should I handle it? Ignore them back? Keep trying? What would you do? Please comment below and help this reader with your feedback. Check our Facebook page this weekend to view more reader comments! Read our previous social quandaries here.


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