Loved White Lotus? Here Are 3 Other Juicy Satires to Watch

These series will get you through until Succession starts back up again.
By Rebecca Gao
A photo of a woman with a blunt bob in a blue top with volumnious sleeves. Maya Rudolph plays Molly, the third richest woman in America, in Loot. (Photograph: courtesy Apple)

Satires of the one percent are more popular than ever. Some of last year’s buzziest movies, like The Menu (which pokes fun at extreme fine dining) and Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (which satirizes tech bro culture), are fixated on skewering the lives of the rich and famous.

TV is no exception—hello Succession and The White Lotus, whose wild season two finale garnered 4.1 million views and counting.

Though some criticize these eat-the-rich satires for lacking bite (how truly anti-wealth can something created by Hollywood elites really be?), their sheer watchability is undeniable. Searching for something similarly juicy to devour now that The White Lotus is closed for the season and Succession–returning on March 26—hasn’t started up again? Here are three series that fit the bill.


Created by former Parks and Recreation writers, this new-ish sitcom is equal parts funny, heartwarming and extremely skeptical of extreme wealth (though Loot is definitely a lot kinder to its billionaires than The White Lotus and Succession). Maya Rudolf plays Molly, the pampered wife of a tech billionaire (Adam Scott). All is well in Molly’s life until she discovers her husband’s affair; the subsequent divorce settlement makes her the third richest woman in America.

Unsure of what to do with her life (and her money), Molly remembers—LOL—the charitable foundation she started and decides to take a more hands-on approach with it, much to the chagrin of the charity’s director Sofia (Michaela Jaé Rodriguez). With the help of her loyal assistant Nicholas (played by the always hilarious Joel Kim Booster), Molly learns how to be independent and engage with the real world. The first season is out now on Apple TV+, with a second season to come.



If you’re a fan of Succession, trust us: you’ll love Dynasty. Like Succession, Dynasty is all about a powerful family feuding with one another over control of the family business. Unlike Succession, Dynasty—a revival of the 1980s nighttime soap opera of the same name—is fun, frothy and campy.

The show follows Fallon Carrington (Elizabeth Gillies), whose father Blake (played by Grant Show, who starred in the original Melrose Place), owns one of the biggest energy corporations in the United States. When Fallon finds out that her father is marrying one of her rival employees, she tries to break up the relationship—only for it to cost her a coveted promotion. Not one to give up, Fallon teams up with her father’s nemesis to take him down. All five seasons are available to stream on Netflix.


Darkly comedic, Billions tells the story of hedge fund manager Bobby Axelrod (Damian Lewis) as he rises to the top of the high finance world. As his schemes to secure high returns become more and more aggressive, Axelrod’s tactics become increasingly illegal, sparking investigations and, on Axelrod’s end, evasion. What sets Billions apart from Dynasty and Loot is its realism—Salon called it “the rare show that understands the rich.” And while Billions is a bit more grounded than the other shows on this list, it’s still full of entertaining twists, turns and melodrama. There are currently six seasons available on Crave, with a seventh season to come.


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