Here’s Why Chatelaine May Disappear From Your Social Media Feeds

New legislation could change how you find our stories on Facebook, Instagram and Google—so we need your support more than ever.
An iPhone screen with Chatelaine’s Instagram page on it with a missing photo (Photo: iStock)

Maybe you found this story linked on our Facebook page. Maybe you Googled “Chatelaine” and landed here. Or maybe you came across it while scrolling through your Instagram feed.

But soon, you may not be able to find Chatelaine content through Facebook, Google or Instagram.

In June, Bill C-18—also known as the Online News Act—got royal assent. This legislation requires tech giants to compensate news organizations for the stories that appear on their platforms. In response, both Meta (which owns Facebook and Instagram) and Google have opted instead to block Canadian journalism from appearing in news feeds and search results.

That means that in the near future, you may not see Chatelaine’s posts on your Facebook and Instagram feeds, or when you search for our stories on Google.

This is new territory for Canadian publications like Chatelaine. But while we continue to assess the ways the Online News Act will affect us, there are a few ways you can continue to support and read Chatelaine.

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