October 2013 editor's letter: It's the little things

Editor-in-chief Jane Francisco on the importance of prioritizing the things that really matter.
By Jane Francisco
Jane-Francisco Photo by Alvaro Goveia

“Mommy, what is your favourite thing to do?” my seven-year-old frequently asks. I know the answer he wants to hear: snuggling with him (which actually is my very favourite thing in the world). I understand that in asking, he’s also exploring what it means to favour, select and edit the activities, people and things surrounding him in his life. And he wants to know more about me and how I make choices.

Of course, this also prompts me to think about what really matters. What is my process of prioritizing? Do I even have a process? Do you? It’s so easy to be pushed along by your schedule, allowing it to dictate where and how you spend your time. I don’t have a lot of formal hobbies (I did go birdwatching once!), but I do have good friends I wish I spent more time with.

Last night I was lucky enough to be out with one of my closest girlfriends; she shared a story that got me thinking. She’s in the process of a restructuring at work and as a result she had to take a month off . My friend marvelled at how it had changed her perspective on what mattered in her life. Not only did she spend more time with her friends, she actually had the time (and the brain space) to sit down and write a note to a friend who was feeling down, sharing what she loved most about her. She also had the energy to find the perfect “think-you” gift for another friend who consistently goes above and beyond.

This month, the month of Thanksgiving, is a perfect time not only to snuggle with your nearest and dearest but also to dig into one of our coziest feasts ever and think about what adds that extra dimension to your life and how to maximize it, whether it is carving out a little time for your favourite people and pursuits or even finding more moments for yourself!


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