November 2013 editor's letter: Let's talk star power

Editor-in-chief Jane Francisco ponders the impact of celebrities and the everyday people in our lives.
By Jane Francisco
Jane-Francisco Photo by Alvaro Goveia People often ask me, “Who is the most interesting famous person you’ve ever met?” This year alone there are almost too many to mention. For instance, just this past February, Nigella Lawson joined us to kick off the Chatelaine Chef Series in our show-stopping new kitchen. She’s not only as luminous in real life as she is on TV, but she’s gracious, funny and friendly to boot. Case in point: We were chatting after she’d finished filming in our kitchen when she suddenly asked me to remove the microphone wire from where it was hooked to the back of her bra. (Yes, it’s true, I had my hand down Nigella’s top!) The following month, hunky chef Curtis Stone dropped by to demo his brilliantly simple weeknight meals. Of course, it’s not always about food around here. There was the day the incredibly fit and feisty Jillian Michaels came to the office to show us how the power of exercise can truly transform both body and mind. But back to food: I had an amazing chat with Jamie Oliver recently (he gave his take on the latest trends and some hot new recipes he’s cooked up). And one other encounter I have to share with you: When I met Arianna Huffington a few weeks ago, she gave me one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received. I asked Arianna how she creates balance in her own life; she told me it’s all about banning worry from your vocabulary and cited Mark Twain: “I’ve known a great many troubles in my life, but most of them never happened.” While meeting all of these superstars has been inspiring, often it’s the people I work with every day who amaze me the most. I find myself in constant awe of the women — and a few good men — who help shape the culture and voice of Chatelaine each month. Yes, people will always be fascinated by celebrity and all that comes with it. Yet, at the end of the day, famous, like worry, is just another word. Often it’s the real people in your life who have the greatest impact and can teach you the most.


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