How to make a pretty bow with wrapping paper

Out of ribbon? Take your leftover gift wrap and make a stunning paper bow instead!

The only thing to make a perfect present even better?  Beautiful wrapping!  This DIY bow is a must-know for any wrapper out there. Super easy to make, you can use any type of paper you want, including unused gift wrap.  Here’s how to do it:

1.  Click on and print out the template provided; it provides all the pieces necessary to make the beautiful bow!  The pieces are numbered, and marked with circles to indicate where to glue.

2. Cut out each shape from the template, and trace them onto your paper of choice (tip: remember to use pencil, and trace lightly, so that the pencil marks can be erased after.)

3.  Take shape #1, add a small dab of glue to both ends as well as the center, and fold both ends in to meet the center point.

4.  Glue shape #2 in the center, and attach shape # 1 over it.

5. Glue the whole of shape #3, and wrap around the center of the newly formed bow from the first two shapes.

6. Glue the tips of shapes #4 and #5, and attach to the top of your box.  Wrap those around the box, and trim once they wrap all around.

7.  Glue the back of your bow to the center of your box.

And that’s it!  A beautifully created bow, perfect for any occasion!


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