Going to the cottage with your pet? Here are some tips

From stress-free drive to staying safe by the water, here are some tips on going to the cottage with your companion.
dog on a boat in cottage country on water Photo, Raymond Forbes/Stocksy.

Most cottages are pet-friendly and give energetic cats and dogs plenty of outdoor space to explore. But for weekend warriors, driving to and from the cabin with your furry buddies can be a pain: long car rides in Friday traffic, hauling food and bedding back and forth and, of course, ensuring there’s a local vet in case of emergency. Use the checklist below to make your weekends as carefree as possible.

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 12.43.31 PMPet tool kit: weekend checklist

Four must-haves to ensure a stress-free getaway
H20 to go: This multi-functional travel bowl folds into a compact pouch when you’re not using it, and can be used to hold food and water when you’re on the go. Top Paw travel bowl, $5.99. Something's fishy: Entertain your cat during a long car ride with these playful fish toys packed with catnip. Martha Stewart fish cat toy, $4.99.

Carry all: Perfect for transporting treats and toys, this stylish tote can also carry your pooch or kitty once you arrive at your weekend destination. Grreat Choice Snap-Top Pet Carrier, $21.99.

Sitting pretty: Give your pet a prime place in the car with this ultra-comfy booster seat, which comes with its own seat belt for the safest ride. Top Paw Booster Seat, $89.99.

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 12.42.23 PM

Water safety tips

If you’re vacationing near a lake or pool, these tips will give you peace of mind


Install solar-powered lights on your dock.

Make sure there’s an easy way for your pets to get out of the water should they fall in (if the shore isn’t shallow, install a ramp).

Show your pet where the steps are in a pool — visual cues like a miniature traffic cone are helpful.

Purchase a pet-friendly life vest for boat rides.


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