The Epic Fashions Alone Will Make You Want To See These Summer Movies In The Theatre

Gold jumpsuits, vintage coats and chic sunglasses abound.
By Tara MacInnis, FLARE
summer movies-crazy rich asians Photo, Sanja Bucko.

Sometimes, fashion movies are obvious. They hit you over the head with caricatures of models and editors, and they’re loaded with casual references to industry insiders you’ve never heard of (see: Zoolander or the Devil Wears Prada). But this summer, we’re getting three films where fashion plays a slightly more subtle leading role — everyone looks amazing, but two thirds of the movie isn’t devoted to discussing that amazingness. Here, three of the best-dressed movies to take in this summer.


Crazy Rich Asians

Premiere date: August 17

Deets: Ok, this one does the most when it comes to fashion. But what it’s more about is the somewhat rocky love story between New Yorker Rachel Chu and Nick Young, a super hot, secretly loaded Singaporean. They travel to Singapore to meet Nick’s family and attend the “wedding of the year,” and Rachel lands in a world of private jets, sprawling estates and of course, pricey couture.

Outfit we can’t wait to see: Araminta’s bespoke Valentino wedding gown, and basically everything Nick’s impossibly chic cousin Astrid wears in every scene.

Ocean’s 8

Premiere date: June 8


Deets: Eight (duh) badass women, including Rihanna, Cate Blanchett and Mindy Kaling, orchestrate the heist of the century at fashion’s biggest event: the Met Gala. You can’t have a cast and central location like that and not focus on the clothes at least a little.

Outfit we can’t wait to see: Whatever Rihanna’s character wears to the Gala. She slays it every year IRL, so why would this time be any different?


Premiere date: May 11

Deets: This neo-noir thriller stars Margot Robbie as a waitress/murderer who gets between two hitmen. It’s a Harley Quinn-adjacent role, but instead of two-toned pigtails and short shorts, Robbie wears gorgeous vintage coats and her hair in victory rolls with a bold lip. We also get a cameo from model Jourdan Dunn.

Outfit we can’t wait to see: A red coat with a dramatic collar worn over stockings with back seams that look like snakes. (We got a glimpse of it in the trailer.)


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