4 Earth-Friendlier Sex Toys

Including a biodegradable option that rings in at $11.

Three dildoes—one white with black flowers, one cherry wood and one green glass—against a chartreuse curtain backdrop

Left to right: Dalia x Miss Bourguignon G-Spot porcelain dildo, $250, Gaia cherry wood dildo, from $120, Glass dildo, $100,, Carmen Cheung. Styling, Chad Burton/Plutino Group. Art direction, Aimee Nishitoba.)

Guilt in the bedroom is never fun, so skip the plastic sex toys: If they’re not piling up in landfills, they’re potentially exposing pleasure seekers to hormone-disrupting chemicals called phthalates. Instead, reach for one of these three beautiful alternatives, which are all petroleum-free and made in Canada.

A pink, fully biodegradable bulletvibrator

(Photo: Courtesy Come As You Are)

Another eco-friendly—and budget-friendly—option? The Blush Gaia Eco Bullet vibrator is made of biodegradable corn-based bioplastic. $11,

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