Five cool things to do this week (May 24 to 30)

From night markets to musicals and art exhibits, there's no shortage of cool things to do in the week ahead.
By Heather Marrin
international summer night market richmond International Summer Night Market

1. Hold a games night

What started simply as a Kickstarter campaign looking to raise a few thousand dollars has now evolved into a million dollar idea; Cards Against Humanity has brought back a sense of coolness to spending a night in with close friends playing games! The adult-only game is hilariously funny, and better, you can download it for free!  If it’s too inappropriate for your crowd (we stress, that it’s not suitable for children), why not get reacquainted with some good ol’ fashion Trivial Pursuit?  The Master Edition features 3,000 new questions!

2. Score orchestra seating

When it comes to music, there isn’t a sound so sweet than that of an orchestra. Whether there is visual accompaniment, or your ears stand alone, listening to an alphabet of instruments play together harmoniously can be nothing short of a religious experience. Top picks: Watch the cinematic classic West Side Story in hi-def accompanied by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra at Roy Thompson Hall; catch two weeks worth of ensembles as part of the Scotia Festival of Music, or enjoy Bach’s greatest hits performed by the Calgary Philharmonic.

May 25, Bach's Legacy, Calgary


May 27 - June 9, Scotia Festival of Music, NS

May 28 - 29, West Side Story with Orchestra, Toronto

3. Revisit a classic musical

Every month a new musical hits the stage across Canada, featuring brand new scores and performers. However, with that said, there is nothing wrong with wanting to revisit the familiar.  This weekend, go recite the lines to one of your favourite Broadway smash-hits.


May 24 - 26, Beauty and the Beast, Halifax Metro Centre

Opens May 28, Cats, Panasonic Theatre, Toronto

Playing now, Chicago, Stage West, Calgary

4. Stay up late


It’s hard to convince your body it isn’t time to hit the bed early on a Friday night, but this weekend, it will be worth it to keep your eyes open for a few extra hours. From Asian night markets on the west coast, featuring dim sum and colourful paper lanterns, to a dance party at the Royal Ontario Museum, plan your sleep schedule accordingly.

Friday Night Live, ROM, Toronto

Chinatown Night Market, Vancouver, BC


5. See a masterpiece

Van Gogh, Picasso, Rodin, oh my! Treat your eyes to a feast and study each stroke of genius as some of the most famous works of art take up real estate in galleries across Canada.

Revealing the early renaissance, AGO, Toronto, Ends June 16.


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