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February 2004 issue: Buyers' guide


Every month in Chatelaine, we feature great products available in Canada – everything from daytime dresses to drawer pulls to dishes. To help you track down these items, we're now posting a buyers' guide. We base our list of stores on information available to us at the time of publication, then update it as needed.

Can't find the item that strikes your fancy? Please write to us at Chatelaine Where-to-Buy, One Mount Pleasant Road, 8th Floor, Toronto, ON M4Y 2Y5.

Identify the month of the issue, the page number and item you are interested in. We'll do our best to track it down and share the information here and in our Buyers' guides section.


Bowl, HomeSense, 1/866/466-3707

Quality time

p.21 Hanna,
p.22 Creative Nail Design C: Renu Therapy Cream. To find a salon near you that carries Creative Nail Design C: Renu Therapy Cream, please call 1/800/833-6245 or 760/599-2900. Also the product is carried at all Beauty Express, Trade Secrets stores, their toll free number is 1/800/888-1117.
p.22 Nine West, www.nine Benefit, the Bay, select stores only, Kellie Leman, Elsa Reia N Studio,

Look slimmer, younger, sexier and more stylish!

p.102 Turtleneck, wrap top and skirt, Holt Renfrew,, 1/866/465-9736. Bag, matt & nat, Elsa Reia N Studio,, 416/777-9722. Shoes, Town Shoes,, 1/888/874-6326.
p.103 Jacket and pants, Holt Renfrew,, 1/866/465-9736. Bag, Jennifer Scott, Elsa Reia N Studio,, 416/777-9722.
p.104 Shirt, Holt Renfrew,, 1/866/465-9736.
p.105 Coat, Banana Republic, 1/888/BR-STYLE. Shirt, Club Monaco, 1/888/580-5084. Jeans, GAP, 1/800/GAP-STYLE. Bag and shoes, Town Shoes,, 1/888/874-6326.
p.106 Jacket, GAP, 1/800/GAP-STYLE. Skirt, Andy The-Anh POW, 514/849-6011 and available at the following stores:
ON Woodbridge—Mijaneaux Designs, 905/264-1488
Guelph—So Boutique, 519/837-3172
Toronto—Maxi Boutique, 416/461-6686, Your Clothes Friend, 416/486-7755
London—Moda di Guilina, 519/672-3834
QC Montreal—Les Ailes de la Mode, 514/282-4537
p.107 Shirt, Holt Renfrew,, 1/866/465-9736. Skirt, Lino Catalano, 514/277-2727. Belt, Scott David, Elsa Reia N Studio,, 416/777-9722. Hoisery, Filodoro, Hexavogue, 1/800/881-4392. Shoes, Town Shoes,, 1/888/874-6326. Clutch, Banana Republic, 1/888/BR-STYLE.

18 instant age-busters

p.109 Top, Lida Baday, Holt Renfrew, Earrings and necklace, Accessity, 416/972-1855.
p.110 Sweater and jeans, Holt Renfrew.
p.112 Jacket, Teenflo, Holt Renfrew. Sweater, Holt Renfrew. Earrings, Accessity.

10 steps to your dream kitchen

Andrew Smith Contracting, 416/604-1333.
p.124 Scantrade, 1/800/361-3659. Caban,
p.127 Terra Firma, 416/604-7006. Williams-Sonoma,
Make it yours
p.128 Stewart & Company, 1/877/456-6400. Fox Run Craftsmen, 1/800/383-0122. Saltillo Imports,
p.129 Muti, 1/800/705-2611. Abbott of England,
1/800/263-2955. Holt Renfrew,

Dig in, warm up

p.133 Plate, Pottery Barn, Tea towel, French Country, 416/944-2204.
p.134 Green plate and fork, Pottery Barn.
p.135 Tea towel, Caban,

Weekend cook

p.138 Tray and scalloped dish, Williams-Sonoma, Small bowls, Homefront, 416/488-3189. Fabric, Mac Fab, 416/922-6000.
p.140 Plate, The Main Course, 416/787-7742.


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