Check out our book editor's Echo Project contribution!

Laurie Grassi, along with many other book readers and artists, collaborated with Penguin to create a unique interactive companion to Khaled Hosseini's, And the Mountains Echoed.
By Allison Hall

One of our favorite things about reading is the images that pop into our minds when we get caught up in a really great story. The good people at Penguin must feel the same way — they recently created The Echo Project, an interactive accompaniment to Khaled Hosseini’s latest book. Readers are encouraged to submit complementary visuals for any of the novel’s 402 pages — photographs, poems, sound clips and various works of art are all featured, along with excerpts of text selected by you. Users are also able to share their pages with friends and fellow readers via Facebook and Twitter.

"And the Mountains Echoed is the kind of book that you want to talk about, share with others, and then read all over again. The Echo Project gives readers a chance to do just that,” says Nicole Winstanley, President and Publisher of Penguin Canada. “You can experience the book in a new way and be a part of its pages and passages.  The project also gives Khaled Hosseini the chance to see his remarkable book through the eyes of his readers. We've been amazed by the creative and thought-provoking contributions from people who have joined the project, we can't wait to see how it evolves as the momentum continues."

Current contributors range from artists, designers, book readers (check out our very own Laurie Grassi’s contribution on page 233!) and even the author himself, each page revealing a unique interpretation of a fictional dream world.  Check out The Echo Project at to see some of the beautiful imagery, or better yet, submit an idea of your own.


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