5 New Female-Centric Podcasts We Love

Whether you're interested in true crime, K-pop or other peoples' money, there's a podcast for you.
Four podcast images against a purple grid background (Background image: iStock)

Podcasts are super popular—and for good reason. They can be the perfect companion on a much-needed mental health walk or something to accompany you while you do the chores. In fact, 46 percent of Canadians ages 18 to 49 listened to podcasts in the last month, an all-time high for the medium.

If you’re a podcast newbie or just looking for something new to add to your playlist, look no further. Here are five new, female-centric podcasts we love.

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Love, Janessa

This seven-part true crime pod is hosted by journalist Hannah Ajala and co-produced for CBC and BBC. It follows Ajala on a wild worldwide search for Janessa Brazil, the adult entertainment star whose stolen images have been used by scammers to lure victims into falling in love—and into debt. Ajala’s investigations lead her to untangling various scams, trying to find out if they’re connected and learning about the men who’ve drained their accounts for a fake woman. It's an intriguing and at times heartbreaking story of what people are willing to do for love, and what other people do to exploit that desire.

First five episodes out now, available anywhere you listen to podcasts.

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Rights Back At You


Amnesty International Canada’s debut podcast explores the intersections of anti-Black racism, policing and surveillance. It comes at a time when—despite 2020's global anti-racism protests—many municipal governments across Canada are doubling down on policies and spending, like increased police budgets, that harm Black people. Each episode examines a different threat to Black people’s safety and freedom, such as facial recognition software and the War on Drugs. Rights Back At You also highlights changemakers in Canada and beyond who are building a better future. First five episodes out now, available anywhere you listen to podcasts.

A photo-illustration of a woman wearing a K-Pop Dreaming sweatshirt

California Love: K-Pop Dreaming

K-Pop Dreaming, the second season of the California Love podcast, traces the history of Korean pop music in America told from the point-of-view of Vivian Yoon, a Korean American woman based in Los Angeles. Yoon covers K-pop’s origins, American presence in post-war South Korea, the 1992 L.A. Uprising and the current global popularity of K-pop—juxtaposed by Yoon’s coming-of-age and journey as a second generation Korean immigrant. First two episodes out now, available anywhere you listen to podcasts.

An illustration of two men and one woman against a backdrop of roses.

Let’s Make A Rom-Com


From the creators of the popular CBC pod Let’s Make a Sci-Fi, Let’s Make a Rom-Com features the same trio of comedians as they attempt to find out whether three people with very different lived experiences can come together to write a successful romcom. Each episode sees the hosts learning about the popular genre from a romcom expert—from screenwriters to talent agents—and then integrating their lessons into their own screenplay. First two episodes out now, available anywhere you listen to podcasts.

An illustration of a piggy bank alongside some coins and bills.

Other People’s Pockets

Nosy about how other people acquire and spend their money? This is the podcast for you. In each episode, host Maya Lau asks her guests—folks from all walks of life, from an economics journalist to a financial dominatrix—to open up about their relationship to money in the hopes of levelling the playing field for all of us. First two episodes out now, available anywhere you listen to podcasts.


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