5 must-have summer pet supplements

Most dogs and cats are much more active when warm weather hits. To handle longer treks, never-ending games of fetch and the occasional terrifying thunderstorm, make sure they’re getting the proper supplements.
5 must-have summer pet supplements

Photo, Vikki Hart/Getty Images.

Petsmart 2015 summer supplements

Healthy joints

Tasty chicken-flavoured treats contain glucosamine to strengthen and maintain connective tissue and cartilage.

GNC hip and joint care dog supplement, $29.99, PetSmart

5 must-have summer pet supplementsHealthy joints

Calm and collected

Fireworks or long car ride ahead? Feed a stressed-out hound this holistic remedy to relax him.

Licks Zen, $30.49, PetSmart.

5 must-have summer pet supplementsCalm and collected


Urinary health

Keep your cat’s urinary tract healthy with these cranberry and grape-packed chews.  

21st Century Urinary Health Cat Chews, $6.49. 

5 must-have summer pet supplementsUrinary health

Hide those pills!

Finicky kitties will gobble down any kind of supplement when it’s hidden in these tasty chicken-flavoured pockets.

Greenies Feline Pill Pockets, $7.99. 

5 must-have summer pet supplementsHide those pills!

Yellow lawn fix

Help keep your lawn green with the help of this tablet that reduces the amount of chemicals in your dog’s urine.

Top Paw Lawn Saver Premium Dog Supplements, $30.49. 

5 must-have summer pet supplementsYellow lawn fix

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